Customer Equation in the new normal

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DownloadCompanies across the world treat employee and customer experience in silos without appreciating the fact that there are common human drivers to ensure success around both i.e. Trust, Empowerment, Personalization and Relatability. Share this PostThe future of work is looking to be highly hybrid in nature – according to BCG’s recent Workplace of the Future employer survey, companies expect about …

Increase in Revenue and CSAT for a leading Air Cargo in US

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DownloadThe client was experiencing  a dip in its cargo division revenues because of dropping sales conversion rate and was also struggling to reduce longer call transaction time that was leading to an increased percentage of abandoned calls and customer dissatisfaction. Addressing the issue IGT Solutions provided contact center services to support the General Cargo Reservations (GCR) and Pet Cargo processes …

Fare Note Interpreter

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DownloadIGT Solutions’ AI/ML-based Fare Note Interpreter helps the Airlines and OTAs to process refunds efficiently and accurately to the customer. Share this Post

Social Distancing Analytics

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DownloadIGT’s Social Distancing Analytics Solution uses Computer Vision technology to capture camera feeds in real-time to monitor crowd in offices or public places, allowing organizations to check if the safety directives are being followed. Share this Post

Air Cargo Support Services

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DownloadLeveraging on strong Automation and Analytics, IGT’s BPO services helps Air Cargo companies enhance customer centricity, achieve higher operational efficiency and generate new revenue opportunities. Share this Post

Top Technology Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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A look at the top technology trends that have the potential to drive innovative disruptions and create new opportunities. Organizations need to build smart solutions around these trends if they wish to succeed. Share this Post

HR4U Chatbot

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The client wanted to reduce the time taken to notify the passenger of the delay or change and ensure no error in the message. IGT supported the client by deploying a bot that automated the process of generating and sending notifications to the passengers during IROP situations. This helped reduce the time taken to relay notification message to the affected …