An Overview

IGT solutions provides technical and functional expertise to its customers across all enterprise platforms spanning from the latest Cloud Platforms to the original work-horses of the industry - the Mainframe systems. Our leading industry experts enable enterprise platform set up right from the designing phase to the implementation and monitoring phases while providing assistance in all the stages.

We also help customers with operational automation, site reliability and IT service management for the Enterprise platforms taking care of all your needs right from L1, L2 support and incident management to supplier management and service transition management.

The major benefits of implementing Enterprise Platforms for our clients have been

  • Improved management and sharing of data
  • Reduces costs along with the advantage of the economics of the cloud
  • Leverage cognitive computing, machine learning, and automation to offer agile platforms on the cloud
  • Faster time-to-market, enhanced processes and improved scalability
  • Flexibility in IT Infrastructure
  • Increased automation flexibility
  • increased interoperability between the several silos of the enterprise
  • Faster deployment of services and high server up time

Enterprise Platform Services and Solution

We offer our customers a range of enterprise platforms to choose from so as to meet their business needs with maximum focus.

Digital Transformation And Automation
IGT has a rich experience in implementing Microsoft platforms for various clients. We design, build, migrate, and run enterprise-grade on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions across Microsoft platforms. We deliver best-in-class solution, leveraging a pool of experts with a vast knowledge base and skills in Azure, Office 365, Xamarin, SharePoint®, Microsoft.NET platform, SQL Server®, BizTalk® and Windows Server®.
IGT solutions has partnered with Appian, a no code/low code application development software for developing and commissioning enterprise applications and workflows. Appian helps companies maximize resources and improves business results by combining people, technology and data in a single workflow. Together the partnership will provide host of solutions where IGT’s functional expertise and Appian’s platform expertise will broaden the solutions capability to offer a comprehensive digital experience.

Digital Engineering - Services & Solutions

Our service offerings include consulting / advisory & delivery services to our clients to improve synergies between business & technology. We help organizations solve their toughest software development challenges, making it possible to deliver innovation faster, smarter, more efficiently, and securely. Our experienced specialists & consultants also work closely with our client’s teams to support their Digital & Cloud Transformation journeys. As a part of these services, we help assess & modernize how the client organizations Engineer, Integrate, Test Release & Operate systems.

Digital Transformation And Automation


Agile Business

We help support client organizations accelerate technology deliveries to achieve faster ROI & business value. IGT works collaboratively with client teams to provide digital transformation services including Lifecycle Transformation, Coaching & Advisory services leveraging industry leading best practices including CMMi, PMI, Lean, TMMi, Agile / Scaled Agile (SAFE) TestOps. We support transformation programs across delivery methodologies including traditional Water-fall, V-Model, IT Service Management (ITIL ITSM) as well as the latest methodologies & frameworks including Agile, Scrum, Scaled Agile, TestOps, DevOps, Kanban, DevSecOps.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier organization's employees, systems, channels or products. The evolving enterprise needs and consumer behaviors demand organizations to be agile and take a design-first approach with emphasis on fast phase of execution. IGT works with our clients to deliver extraordinary experiences with services & product innovation. Our services in this area are crafted leveraging Design Thinking principles and include Design (UI / UX / CX / Service Design) as well as Customer Relation Management (CRM) services & enabling Omnichannel engagement.

Engineering & DevOps

Meeting the challenges of today’s digital economy requires organizations to increase their responsiveness to business needs. For technology leaders, this means accelerating the development and maintenance of applications without sacrificing quality. In addressing the challenges of a fast-paced digital world, traditional application development methods have evolved & adopted to leverage DevOps and enterprise Agile frameworks as well as automation across the lifecycle. IGT has over 2 decades of experience working with leading global organizations across a broad spectrum of technologies. We provide flexible, cost-effective engineering services including architecture transformation & design, application development & maintenance, IT Service Management as well as managed solution delivery services.

Quality Engineering & Assurance

As enterprises look at digital technologies as a source of competitive advantage, they demand quality—at speed and scale. This means that they must rethink how they build and test applications, moving away from testing as a standalone function at far end of the development cycle to embedding quality throughout. With 20+ years of enterprise solution delivery experience across geographies, our expert professionals bring a range of diverse skills across QA, Automation, Continuous Testing, DevOps and Agile to multiple clients globally.

Cloud Computing

Cloud is becoming a vehicle for next-generation digital business, that allows organizations to leverage the scalability, flexibility & the vast integration options available to deliver cutting edge solutions. Whether it is a Cloud Shift or a Cloud First approach basis business needs, IGT works with global business organizations across their Cloud Transformation journey including advisory/planning services, optimization, multi-cloud environment managed services, cloud security management, application modernization/re-architecture strategy, hybrid & digital infrastructures, cloud optimization, cloud computing, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and more.

Enterprise Platforms

To stay future-ready & relevant, the enterprise platforms, solutions and applications must be up-to-date, aligned to organizational objectives, and able to respond quickly to evolving market needs. However, this also means that organizations need to work with partners who understand platform & service management and have experience in delivering solutions & supporting real-time workloads. IGT has 20+ years of enterprise platform experience enabling our clients to deploy, run and modernize their IT landscapes efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively - platforms supported include Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, IBM Mainframes (System Z), Salesforce, ServiceNow & Opensource platforms such as OpenStack.

Strategy and Consulting

The digital technologies available today offer multiple opportunities to power sustainable growth by leveraging industry expertise and contextual business knowledge - this can help power solutions to align to the organization's strategic vision & help thrive amidst disruption. As digital strategy consultants to our clients, we help them identify opportunities & support across their digital transformation journey so as to shape & retain their competitive advantage. We collaborate closely with them to assess their industry and current offerings, existing technology ecosystem and gauge their competition, and create strategic solutions, either across the entire business or elements of their business and operating models.

Delivering Results

  • Cloud Testing & migration of enterprise system with 1500+ devices from legacy “on-premise” to IoT over Azure Cloud
  • 40% cost savings by implementing OpenStack private cloud for IT teams on commodity hardware
  • Faster go to market by 70% by building hybrid product leveraging AWS native API’s
  • Built Covid tracing application for a Government organization leveraging low code cloud solution
  • 25% increase in customer engagement scores by implementing a cloud CRM solution

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