Increasing Inflight Sales Using Advanced Analytics for a Leading Airline in the Middle East

IGT helped to increase the revenues by 20% in inflight retail purchases from last year

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Value Proposition

Customers now expect to be connected and catered across every step of their journey lifecycle. Several academic materials corroborate this expectation highlighting increasing customer churn because of commoditized and disconnected customer experience.

This customer expectation is bolstered by the proliferation of digital channels providing access to real-time customer data. Customer-centric BI and Analytics tie these two trends translating customer data from all channels to deliver a personalized and connected customer experience.


Value Unlock

Superior customer experience

Customer analytics allows customers to receive more relevant and timely content, improving  engagement and reducing churn

  • Realize significant cost reduction with enhanced contact center productivity through 40% reduction in call handling time
  • 30% early churn prediction driving customer lifetime value (CLTV) using loyalty analytics

Profit generation

Picking up customer signals, i.e. purchase intent or lack thereof, allows for more precise marketing, loyalty program giving revenue boost

  • 5-15% potential revenue uplift with a personalized experience and enhanced customer experience
  • 50% increase in sales conversion driving marketing RoI leveraging marketing analytics

Our Solution

Technical Accelerators

Proprietary 'NORC' framework

Deliver hyper-personalized customer experience at every touch point.

Text and speech analytics framework

Deeply understand customer expectations leveraging structured and unstructured data sources.

BI and Analytics framework

E2E comprehensive 5-step framework from vision definition to change management.

Social media analytics framework

Assess customer sentiments and brand positioning leveraging social media data.


Our trademark connector and reusable asset library is built leveraging deep domain knowledge and technical expertise to accelerate development time.

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