Data Modernization: Imperative for Digital Transformation

Adopting Modern Data Management practice is essential for constructive use of data.
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Value Proposition

Data is expected to significantly grow over the next five years. This is driven by growth in digital capabilities and the supply of data augmented with the customer-centric ambitions of organizations.

These trends have propelled data modernization through a strategic approach and technological advancement across the entire data platform and architecture. Industry leaders have already realized the potential of data modernization and leveraged data for several use-cases like customer engagement, marketing, supply chain, maintenance, personalization etc.


Value Unlock

Productivity improvement

Companies can look to gain 25-50% productivity increase with better data architecture, governance process and data organization to drive it

Cost reduction

25-30% IT run cost reduction owing to better economies of scale with cloud migration compared to on-prem storage

Value acceleration

50-60% development time reduction with quick access to high-quality relevant data in a usable format

Our Solution

We help our customers with services across the data management spectrum

  • Data architecture assessment
  • Data processing lifecycle; covering infrastructure, data ingestion, storage and repository creation
  • Data governance and operations
  • Data security and access management
  • Data Transformation and Migration services
  • API management
  • Analytics setup and model deployment

A suite of 20+ accelerators across entire data platform and architecture

Technical Accelerators

Quality assurance

Making data use-ready by ensuring data sanity through superior tests, data profiling and error identification.

Audit and track

Enhance visibility and control on data architecture through better tracking, logging and auditing related technical assets.

Data ingestion

Accelerate development time with data parsing and validation.

Insight generation

Ready-to-deploy analytics models with developed technical assets like AI/ML libraries.

End-to-end proprietary compendium of accelerators to ensure faster delivery, better quality, audit and valuable insight generation


  • Ingestion Framework
  • Parser
  • Staging Model
  • FVal(File Validate) Framework
  • DVal(Data Validate) Framework

Quality assurance

  • Data Profiling and Quality Assurance Framework
  • Error Processing and Re-Processing Framework
  • Data Comparators
  • Test Data Generators

Insight generation

  • AI/ML library
  • Airline analytics suite
  • Hotel analytics suite
  • Social Media analytics
  • Text/ Speech analytics

Audit & track

  • Dimension Data Tracking Framework
  • Auditing and Logging Framework
  • Real Time/Batched Workflow Orchestrator and Scheduler
  • Staging Job Generator
  • Load Statistics Analytics

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