Customer Experience Modernization for a National Flagship Carrier

Ever-increasing user expectations and competition necessitate only the best in customer service and care. Founded on innovation and people-first culture, TaskUs delivers consistently excellent CX support for 90+ of the world’s leading, disruptive brands.
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Value Proposition

Customers are now connected and engage with brands and companies through a multitude of channels. Advances in digital commerce  have enabled organizations with the ability to create and drive digital customer-centric experiences and unlock true customer potential.

The ecommerce space is witnessing a period of accelerated growth, with ~10 years of projected growth realized in just 3 months of 2020. This is a key moment for companies to re-evaluate their e-commerce strategy.


Value Unlock

Digital commerce avenues unlock new revenue opportunities for organizations with greater customer and organization interactions.

Marketplace solutions are driving ~50% of the e-commerce growth and provide companies with a profitable, low investment solution to capitalize on the e-commerce opportunity


Our Solution

Our end-to-end solution addresses each need across the digital commerce value chain

Technical Accelerators

Our future-ready digital commerce implementation framework backed by our deep expertise in user experience design, customer experience management and reusable payment gateway connectors and CMS solutions.

Our Digital Commerce offering comprehensively covers all requirements across the marketplace value chain

User Experience Design

Designing customer journeys, including buyers and sellers Adapting to market nuances

Technology Platform

Website, mobile applications across technologies, integration with relevant systems

Embedded Business Analytics

Powering clients to optimally utilize buyer and seller behaviors and patterns to maximize ROI

Logistics and Fulfilment

Back offering with best-in-class logistics support to ensure E2E coverage for buyers and sellersa

Customer Experience Management

Leverage IGT's deep customer experience expertise to manage buyer and seller relationships

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