An Overview

Airlines need help with high claim volumes, complex regulations, and document validation, often resulting in delayed passenger compensation. Manual processing and communication challenges further delay and cause passenger dissatisfaction and a loss of airline brand image.

IGT EU261Xpress.AI is a Generative AI-powered automated claims processing solution. The fully automated one-stop solution offers a seamless and easy claims experience, real-time responses, and enhanced clarity, speed, and transparency. It provides faster and more accurate claims processing without human intervention for regulations like EU261 (including even complex case scenarios).



IGT EU261Xpress.AI combines our deep-rooted knowledge of the airline industry and a technology-driven approach. We are on top of the game in helping our clients respond proactively to any disruptions or regulatory needs in this industry.

We understand the EU261 regulation and its rules and requirements to align the solution to deliver information to passengers swiftly and accurately, without delay.

Multilingual Capabilities

AI-Driven Advanced User Experience

Customizable, Scalable, and Seamless Integration

Transparent, Secure, and Accurate Functionality

24/7 Customer Service Accessibility Anywhere

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Accelerated Claim Process
Improvement in Examining of Claims Terms and Clauses
Increased Savings in Time and Effort with Minimum Human Intervention
Increased Resolution Rate
Reduction in Manpower Cost

Infuse the power of Gen AI to boost claims processing

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