Airlines IT and BPO Solutions

Empowering 4 In Top 5 Airline Clients To Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Handling 20 Mn+ Reservations/Customer Service Queries

Airline Clients Globally
Gross Ticketing & Ancillary Revenue
Increase in Revenue Per Call

Continuously Innovating and Providing Superior Customer Experience

The relationship between a passenger and the airline has changed. Today’s ever connected passenger likes taking charge of the flying experience. From reservation chatbots to mobile check-ins and boarding, from social media bookings to personalized ancillary products, the airline industry needs to continuously innovate and provide engaging customer experience, while at the same time managing cost efficiencies and optimizing operations.

Through expertise in Business Process Management (BPM), Travel Technology and Digital Services and Solutions, IGT Solutions (IGT) has been a strategic partner for more than 20 Global Airlines.

Comprehensive Offerings

BPM services

BPM Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of today’s connected passenger
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Travel Technology

Travel Technology

Developing domain focused technology solutions for the Airline industry to enhance operational efficiency
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Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Leveraging Analytics, RPA, Chatbots and new age technologies to enhance the digital passenger’s experience
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Delivering Results

  • 3 Airline domain focused chatbots spotlight

  • 40% sales conversion for contact center

  • USD 2 Mn+ savings in baggage claim payouts

  • 25% increase in ticket revenue

  • USD 20 Mn+ savings through IROPS rebooking annually

IGT Travel School

Unique approach for developing travel trained and BPO ready talent in-house. Helping with quick scalability solutions along with higher success rate resources to deliver superior customer experience

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