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Today’s customer has come to expect a smooth, streamlined experience, one that is augmented by intuitive and easy-to-use technology. This inherent customer desire coupled with ever-changing demographics and preferences is propelling brands to focus on creating differentiated customer experiences. Moreover, the need to comply with dynamic regulations is forcing them to introspect and relook at their operating structures.
One of the obvious ways to manage costs, increase productivity and enhance customer experience is to drive operational efficiency. Organizations are increasingly turning towards automation to optimize the business processes and re-envision opportunities to strategically employ human capital. This is where IGT’s Automation Centre of Excellence plays a vital role by providing a spectrum of automation services and solutions to our customers. These services are defined within four areas.
Digital Transformation And Automation

Back Office Automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

IGT’s RPA capabilities embrace the next wave of software robotic technology to drive business outcomes. It enables organizations with a hybrid digital workforce where tailored bots emulate human agents to orchestrate applications and execute computer-based tasks more efficiently.

Digital Transformation And Automation

Conversational Automation through Chatbot & Voicebot

With a strong in-house digital expertise to design and deliver tailor-made chatbots, IGT has built customary conversational automation solutions for organizations that aim to cater to the growing demand of personalized and real-time customer service by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies.


IGT Automation Offerings

Over the years, IGT has successfully combined its experience of running Digital Contact Centers for multiple large companies along with its technology team to deliver a differentiated customer experience by implementing automation solutions like Chatbots and RPAs. IGT is equipped with the right tools, partners, procedures, frameworks and experts who have the experience in solving business problems thus not only bringing operational efficiencies but also enhancing end-user experience. The core Automation offerings are:

Automation Consulting Services

Through a team of experienced travel SMEs and business consultants, IGT provides the following consulting services:

  • Automation Maturity Assessment
  • Financial and Technical Feasibility
  • ROI and Business Case Development
  • Automation Centre of Excellence Roadmap


Industry-focused Automation

IGT’s RPA capabilities embrace the next wave of software robotic technology to drive business outcomes. IGT has combined its deep travel domain knowledge to build ready to use and customizable “Travel bots” for faster time to market:

  • BSP Refund Application Management & Business Insights Bot
  • Hotel Rate and Contract Loading Bot
  • Invoice Processing & Posting to SAP – IQ Bot
  • Airline FAQs Conversational Bot
  • IROPS Rebooking Conversational Bot

Conversational Automation

IGT's conversational automation solutions cater to the growing demand for personalized and real-time customer service, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technologies.​

  • Intelligent chatbots
  • Reservation Management
  • Customer Query Management
  • Cognitive bots

Process and Workflow Automation

IGT brings forth powerful capabilities in process & testing automation, through our team of experts, certified automation testers and experienced support engineers.
IGT is equipped to deliver:

  • Workflow automation
  • QA Bots for Validation
  • Code Reviews and Corrections
  • BOT

Cognitive Capabilities

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Speech Recognition & Transcription
  • Machine Learning

Partners & Enablers


Our Methodologies and Approach

iTRIP & dWizard

For all Automation engagements and initiatives, IGT leverages its proprietary Automation Methodology -“iTRIP”, which is a blend of industry best practices and learning from multiple “consulting to commissioning” programs that have been implemented across IGT’s customer base. The nine phase “iTRIP” Automation Methodology is designed to take the customers from an initial exploratory stage in their automation journey to a BAU Automation Factory Setup, thereby setting up a Centre of Excellence for enterprise wide cross functional adoption.

Similarly, "dWizard" is IGT's proprietary reusable asset library, which is an aggregation of reusable components created and deployed across the automation projects to exponentially speed up and streamline new deployments.

Our Engagement Models

IGT has delivered automation projects to a large customer base by leveraging some of the engagement models mentioned below. However, these engagement models are flexible and can be customized to suit the specific needs of customers
engagement models

Learn how IGT’s Automation Centre Of Excellence(CoE) can help Airline & Hospitality contact centers reduce the impact of Covid -19

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Travel Chatbots
Travel Specific Utterances
airline reservation management


Automation Centre of Excellence

Changing customer demographics and preferences are propelling travel brands to focus on creating differentiated customer experience. Travel organizations are increasingly turning towards automation to optimize the business processes and re-envision opportunities to employ human capital strategically.

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Tax Refund Process Automation

Enabled 50% reduction in workforce expenses with ability to meet tighter regulatory compliance SLAs

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Airline sales and reservation management
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Automated Corporate Contract Loading for a Leading Group of Hotels

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