Staff Augmentation Services

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DownloadThe client wanted to expand its service offerings by leveraging new technology that enhances the quality of service being offered without increasing its headcount. IGT formulated a unique staffing solution with measures at every touchpoint covering recruitment, selection, and the placement process. Share this Post About the Client The client is one of the world’s leading provider of global information …

Improved quality and enabled 30% reduction on maintenance effort

amit3076 Case Studies

DownloadThe client’s existing framework was fragile and required enormous maintenance for every release of a test script, IGT with its extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise, supported the client by providing a customized automation framework that helped reduce maintenance efforts and also mitigated any potential error in the application which enabled the client to test more codes and deliver high …

Creating Omnichannel CX for Cargo Customers of a leading airline in North America

amit3076 Case Studies

DownloadThe client was undergoing several challenges in providing quality customer service. IGT helped the client by developing an application that intelligently captures data from different channels of interaction with the customers that helped the client address customer queries from within the system, be it a Phone call, Email, Chat or Social Media interaction and provide a seamless customer experience. Share …

Customer Experience Modernization for a National Flagship Carrier

amit3076 Case Studies

DownloadThe client wanted to transform its customer experience and resolve the challenges posed by the existing system. Leveraging its extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise, IGT helped the client by proving a low code cloud-based scalable solution with multiple integrations equipped to handle PNR creation, information dissemination regarding bookings, fares, schedules, and various other routine activities across platforms. Share this …

Customer Experience 3.A

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DownloadAs the world is moving towards digital and omnichannel experience is the key to success, what is important to understand is that though digital interaction guarantees a faster and more seamless customer experience than human interaction alone; the importance of the human element has not decreased across the customer journey. Share this Post

Automated Passenger Data Consolidation for Covid-19 Contact Tracing

amit3076 Case Studies

DownloadAs part of a compliance requirement, the airline’s Health Services team required contact information of passengers who have flown on their flights for Covid-19 contact-tracing purposes. IGT supported the airline by developing a bot that logically defines the list of passengers whose information is sought and then emulates extraction of their details like email, phone number, flight transit details, nationality …