Customer Experience Modernization for a National Flagship Carrier

IGT's state-of-the-art CRM helped a leading airline in India resolve 25k+ cases daily and run targeted marketing campaigns
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Value Proposition

Today's customers often take decisions and rate brands basis their digitally connected and contextual customer experience.

This means that businesses need to focus on digital customer experience now more than ever before. This is critical to build a sustainable and long-lasting relationship with customers and ensure they receive the right value and customer experience over time.

Digital-first focus gives the business organizations an opportunity to understand the modern customer, improve customer engagement and thus standout on their expectation of an omni-channel digital experience. We help clients to enhance customer experience by being focused on ensuring all interactions and touchpoints with the business to be easy, enjoyable, and seamless.


Value Unlock

Personalized engagement

Omni-channel digital solutions  help businesses improve customer engagement by offering suitable customer services  on the right channel  at the right time using the right resources.

Better customer satisfaction

Instant 24X7 personalized services basis customer context and powered by a mix of machine intelligence and human empathy to enrich the customer experience.

Brand building

A Suite of customer experience services deployed across the entire customer journey to create significant differentiators augmenting brand recall and preference. This will further improve brand building through complementary word-of-mouth marketing channels.

Cost reduction

Cloud service provides unmatched saving potential as compared to on-premise platforms and software due to economies of scale and pay-as-you-use model.

Our Solution

Our current end-to-end customer experience solution covers the entire customer journey

Technical Accelerators


Our trademark connector and reusable asset library is built leveraging deep domain knowledge and technical expertise to accelerate development time.

D3 implementation framework

3-stage self-service platform implementation framework to accelerate the discovery of requirements, demonstration of POC and delivery of the solution.

Service cloud CRM framework

End-to-end assistance in vision definition, business plan creation, CRM platform selection, implementation and maintenance.

CRM platform selection framework

Guide in choosing the right CRM leveraging extensive experience in the tools to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

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