Providing Digital Contact Center Services To More Than 35 Technology Companies

Handling 30 Mn+ Customer Service Queries

First Contact Resolution
Sales Conversion for Contact Center
Increase in C-SAT

Enabling Superior Customer Experience for Technology companies

In today’s dynamic business environment, technology companies such as retail & e-commerce, OTAs/TMCs and other fast growth tech companies face tremendous economic and margin pressures to manage customer expectations and cost challenges. The need of the hour is to increase revenues through cost-effective distribution channels, upsell and cross-sell opportunities and provide value-added services to their customers.

It has thus become important for technology companies to leverage technology, outsourcing, and new age media effectively and efficiently to deliver superior customer experience.

IGT Solutions (IGT) enables better customer experience by delivering digital contact center services to the technology companies. IGT has optimized leading technology applications like reservations system, eCommerce applications, internet booking engine, PSS, departure control systems, and many more. IGT expertise enables growing interconnection of business processes to drive companies’ ability to quickly adapt to changing demands.

Comprehensive Offerings

BPM services

BPM Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of todays' consumers

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Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Leveraging mobile, social media with new age technologies to enhance digital customer’s experience

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Delivering robotic process automation, chatbots and voicebots to bring in process excellency and cost efficiency

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Employing AI & ML in analyzing, interpreting and forecasting data to personalize each customer’s journey

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Travel Technology

Tech Services

Developing domain focused technology and business process solutions to enhance operational efficiency

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Delivering Results

  • Over 8 Mn+ customer queries annually

  • World class performance across global performance indicators- NPS, C-SAT, trust pilot score

  • 500000 refunds processed every year

  • 3 Airline domain focused chatbots

  • 40% sales conversion for contact center

  • Intelligent analysis of 500+ Airline business dimensions

  • 12% increase in revenue per call

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