Digital & Analytics Trends In The Air Cargo Industry

Enabling Digital and Technological Trends in Air Cargo Industry
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Value Proposition

The Air Cargo industry has witnessed robust growth over the years, further fueled by the recent prominence of the e-commerce industry. While at the same time, the air cargo industry is facing several potential risks to its growth due to poor visibility across the entire value chain, moderate digital maturity & limited data-driven decisioning.

This creates a golden opportunity for air cargo players to get ahead of the curve by leveraging our real-time air cargo market analytics solutions. Our comprehensive suite of air cargo analytics models can deliver value for your organization across different business activities - operations, revenue, customer etc. These analytics models & dashboards are created backed by our deep air cargo domain expertise, thought leadership, clientele & dedicated Analytics CoE.


Value Unlock

Value creation

  • Improve responsiveness to any change across the supply chain with real-time air cargo market dashboards/ reports
  • Maximize revenue potential through better contract negotiations driven by real-time clients & industry insights
  • Increase in revenue with actionable pricing insights basis industry & customer trends
  • High customer satisfaction & recurring revenues with improved service quality

Cost efficiency

  • Improve process efficiency & workforce allocation by eliminating inefficiencies in air cargo operations
  • Reduce operational cost leveraging inventory & route insights to reduce logistics cost
  • Lower maintenance cost by predicting failure/ requirement of which kind of maintenance & when

Our Solution

Realize the value across entire air cargo value chain with our analytics & BI solutions:

Technical Accelerators

AI/ Ml Library

Readily available libraries to accelerate model development process & create best-in-class solutions

Audit & logging framework

Keep real-time track of data pipeline & processes to ensure an optimal solution

Data profiling & Quality assurance framework

Ensure validated data pipeline to create a reliable data storage driving smart decisions

E2E BI and Analytics framework

Comprehensive approach from vision definition to analytics opportunity identification, implementation & value generation


Our trademark connector and reusable asset library

Ingestion framework

Consolidate data efficiently & faster across different sources

File & Data validation framework

Ensure quality data for analytics use-cases leveraging validation frameworks

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Unlock supply chain visibility, revenue & CX improvement with air cargo analytics solutions