IGT has successfully combined its experience of running multiple contact centers with its technology expertise to deliver Conversational Automation through an umbrella offering- iConverse. The service enables & transforms customer service experience by implementing Chat and Voice Bots for processes like customer FAQs, order booking, order status, ancillary additions etc. and uses cognitive services like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech and Sentiment Analysis from industry partners like Microsoft LUIS, IBM Watson and Google Dialog Flow.

To ensure seamless customer experience, IGT has partnered with Live Person which enables multi-channel support (Website, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc.) and comes with an added ability to seamlessly handover a conversation to an agent, if the need arises.

IGT has a team of specialists who have successfully launched iConverse for some of the major players across industries in the following cases:


Flight Re-booking

Automation Potential: Upto 50%

Flight Booking

Automation Potential: Upto 50%

Passenger Assistant FAQs

Automation Potential: Upto 70%

Voice FAQs

Automation Potential: Upto 70%

Crew Assistant

Automation Potential: Upto 60%

HR Queries

Automation Potential: Upto 80%

Luxury & Hospitality

Hotel FAQs

Automation Potential: Upto 60%

Hotel Reservation

Automation Potential: Upto 60%

Our Methodologies and Approach

d3 & dWizard

IGT utilizes D3 approach to consult, validate & deliver Chatbot solutions.



Chatbot's Use Case Implementation Blueprint



Implementing a pilot bot that fulfils KPIs


Chatbot Solution

Comprehensive automated chat response platform

Similarly "dWizard" is IGT's proprietary reusable asset library, which is an aggregation of reusable components created and deployed across the automation projects to exponentially speed up and streamline new deployments.

Cognitive Capabilities

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Speech Recognition & Transcription
  • Machine Learning

Partners & Enablers


Our Engagement Models

IGT has delivered automation projects to a large customer base by leveraging some of the engagement models mentioned below. However, these engagement models are flexible and can be customised to suit specific needs of customers.

engagement models

Learn how IGT’s iConverse is the right blend of automation, human touch and understanding of customer’s journey in the travel industry.

Delivering Results

  • 10+ Travel Chatbots

  • Custom Built Adaptive Cards

  • 20-25% Volume Shift Observed

  • 5k+ Travel Specific Utterances

  • 2k+ Active Users on Enterprise Bot

airline reservation management


Automation Centre of Excellence

Changing customer demographics and preferences are propelling travel brands to focus on creating differentiated customer experience. Travel organizations are increasingly turning towards automation to optimize the business processes and re-envision opportunities to employ human capital strategically.

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Airline sales and reservation management


Chabot: Enabling Enhanced Customer Service in Travel

With technological advancements, travel planning has also changed. Conversational automation is one such technology that is gaining momentum by creating simulating human-like conversation through chatbots and voicebot.

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Airline sales and reservation management
Case Study

Passenger FAQ Chatbot

Reduced contact center cost for multiple language support & training and enabled availability of information on the go and in written form.

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