Data Modernization: Imperative for Digital Transformation

Adopting Modern Data Management practice is essential for constructive use of data.
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How IGT Solutions helps

IGT Trust and Safety Services offer a full suite of services to secure and protect your content across different platforms. We ensure a 100% safe and trustworthy environment for your end users with our advanced and proven Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled content moderators.

Brand Reputation


Customer Protection


Online Engagement


Customer Satisfaction


Business Security


Our Offerings

IGT’s Trust and Safety Services helps monitor and regulate user-generated content through pre-set rules and guidelines that you define. We implement processes across the entire value chain to ensure a healthy user experience across all your platforms.

Channel-focused Moderation Services

IGT’s Trust and Safety Services address the unique needs of multiple channels to provide the best possible online experience for your users.

Social Media

  • Feed Moderation
  • Live Video Feed
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Market Place Moderation
  • Ad Moderation
  • Identify/ User Validation

Video Hosting

  • Video Moderation
  • Monetized Moderation
  • Live Feed
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Ad Moderation
  • Creator Validation

Search Engine Clean up

Removing disturbing content in the search engine requires collaboration with different data protection agencies, law enforcement, and government officials.


  • Content Moderation
  • Ad Placement
  • Product Listings
  • Seller Verification
  • Private Messaging
  • Digital Payments
  • KYC/On-boarding (relevant for Fintech as well)

Online Gaming

  • Live chats
  • Community Forums
  • In-game monitors
  • Ad placements

Dating Applications

  • Private message
  • Ad Placement
  • By-lines and profile

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Our Pillars

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People-centric Approach

We have a robust learning engine at the core of our people-centric approach. Every training program centered on enabling our teams to address customer challenges and enhance their operations. As we invest heavily in building innovative ways to deliver training, we focus on empowering and engaging our professionals.
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Employee Wellness

We consistently focus on the mental well-being of our moderators with an open-plan office that inspires stress-free working. A support champion leads the practice with a social care background. Our round-the-clock, on-premises psychology and yoga centers promote a healthy and safe environment for our agents.
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Driven by Technology

IGT Solutions is committed to consistently investing in emerging technologies and innovating in AI-driven moderation solutions to automate and optimize content moderation services. We also offer analytical insights into our agents’ morale and satisfaction.
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