Work At Home

30% to 40% cost savings compared to work-at-office delivery

IGT expands the capability to enable better customer experience by providing a secure and flexible work at home omni-channel contact center solution. Utilizing the latest technologies and a global talent network, IGT has designed and deployed an advanced work at home solution to facilitate and scale remote working across the globe. This solution is powered by a comprehensive process specific risk assessment along with leading global standard data protection policies and procedures to enhance data security.

In addition to choosing the right digital collaboration tools to connect with a remote workforce, including new conference features and virtual reality headsets, IGT has also deployed best in class tools for e-Hiring, e-Learning, Quality, SLA attainment and WFM to enable 360 degree remote workforce management.

IGT Work at Home (iWAH)

360 Degree Home Agent Management

IGT is leveraging a systematic approach for an end to end workforce management to enhance employee and customer experience

Virtual Recruitment

Online Training

Centralized WFM

Multi-layer Governance

Quality By Design

Virtual Team Engagement

Business Compliance

Secure Infrastructure


Taking security and compliance to next level with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)


Key Features

  • End-to-End Remote Workforce Management
  • Real-time Updates to Agents
  • Secured Connectivity
    • 2 factor authentication
    • Strong encryption
    • Access to process only specific application and tools
    • Limited access for office purpose only
  • Fully PCI-DSS compliant
  • Secured Posture Validation
  • Video analytics to ensure secure surveillance
  • In-premise training

Tools and Technologies for Home Agent Management

Why/Benefits of WAH?

  • Increased productivity

  • Access to global talent pool

  • Improved employee satisfaction

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Lower attrition

  • Flexibility to address seasonal volume spikes

  • Ongoing and active business continuity

  • Commercially cost-effective

How to make work at home more productive

IGT BPM Services And Solutions

IGT provides front office and back office BPM services through its Global Delivery Model from 15 locations worldwide and support in over 20 languages.
Languages Supported

English | Cantonese | Japanese | Mandarin | Korean | French | German | Arabic | Ukrainian | Spanish | Russian | Czech | Danish | Polish | Brazilian Portuguese | Dutch | Norwegian | Tagalog | Ind-Bahasa | Thai | Malay | Indian Regional | Nepali

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