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IGT Solutions (IGT) is committed to simplifying complex customer interactions while delivering a seamless experience. It provides integrated BPM, Technology and Digital Services & Solutions for clients across industries.

Established in 1998, with 100% focus on customer experience, IGT employs more than 14,000 customer experience and technology specialists providing services to 75+ marquee customers globally. IGT’s global footprint consists of 20 delivery centers in China, Philippines, Malaysia, India, UAE, Romania, Indonesia, Spain, Colombia and the USA.

expertise in Enabling Better Experience
focus on customer experience
CEX and Technology experts
Global Delivery Centres
Digital Solutions

Holistic Approach to Enable Better Customer Experience

Domain Expertise

Retail & E-commerce, Fast-growing Tech, Gaming, Airlines, Hospitality, Travel Technology, OTA/ TMCs, Logistics, Land Transportation

Solutions & Services

BPM Services
Digital Engineering


Inclusive culture and values
Diversified talent
Digital employee experience

Global Presence

10 countries 
25+ languages
Consistent IGT experience

Process & Infrastructure

Process excellence
Quality accreditations
Agile framework
Integrated audit framework
Robust technology infrastructure backbone


To be the world's greatest customer experiences company making a billion complex interactions simple every year


At IGT we constantly strive to find a better way to deliver superior customer experience. So we have three core values that run through everything we do.

INTEGRITY is observing financial and intellectual honesty. Taking personal responsibility and facing reality, regardless of consequences.
CUSTOMER ORIENTATION means always seeing things from the customer’s perspective. Identifying the customer’s unstated as well as emerging needs.

FUTURE-MINDEDNESS is about staying in touch with new developments. Consistently questioning existing assumptions, and making new ideas work.

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