Microsoft SQL Database Management for a Leading Travel Retailer of Europe

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The client's existing customer-related application(s) was deteriorating the performance due to a lack of database management mechanism. IGT helped the customer scale their data operations by providing a managed services desk (Database Administration (L1-L3 Level) which comprised database experts with proven experience. This, as a result, improved the user experience and enhanced the database performance level.

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About the Client
The client is a global travel retailer operating around 1,700 duty-free and duty-paid shops in airports, cruise lines, seaports, railway stations and central tourist areas. It operates in over 65 countries worlwide.

Business Challenge
The client's customer-related application(s) used in over 20 countries showed deteriorating performance due to a lack of database management mechanisms. Database and data files were not correctly distributed to the drives to reduce disk redundancy. The existing maintenance routine of a big database with 10+ Terabytes size was not sufficient; thus, the applications suffered regularly from I/O bottleneck, disk and high CPU issues.

Business Need
Business need for a revamped database management system was apparent. The new system which replaces the current mechanisms should provide:

• Performance: Proper data management mechanisms and orderly distribution of data files will reduce redundancies and make the system faster.

• Visibility: Gain real-time visibility into the performance and availability of all MSSQL databases.

• Cost and Quality: Need to manage vast and growing database infrastructure while controlling cost & quality.

• Maintenance: Resolve the application and database issues causing redundancy. Pro-active database health reporting to prepare for disaster management activities.


    IGT helped the customer to scale their data operations by providing managed services desk (Database Administration (L1-L3 Level) which comprised database experts having proven experience in server health check up, backup and restore, database migration & up gradation, database performance optimization, and database maintenance and monitoring.

    IGT provided the following resolutions against the various problems faced by the client:

    • Proactive remote maintenance, performance tuning and monitoring for enterprise-level database servers with dedicated in-house specialist.

    • MSSQL query tuning and optimization and enterprise monitor implemented for real-time alerts on disk, CPU, memory, backup, log growth, health check, audit, replication etc.

    • Worked closely with the client delivery team to understand request, fulfillment, problem management, incident management, monitoring, and maintenance of all MSSQL servers databases.

    • PowerShell ,Shell and T-SQL Scripting for pro-active monitoring and alerts.

    • IGT’s database team managed over 250 jobs across 200+ MSSQL servers.


    • Created a continuous test optimization framework

    • Designed processes for test optimization encompassing end-to-end cycle

    • Provided feedback loop from various phases back into test bank

    • Continuous analysis and fine tuning of the entire test framework

    • Reduced manual efforts and achieved saving in 30% efforts

    Automation Testing

    • 95% reduction in downtime of database servers of live applications and group applications

    • 90% improvement in application response time of the applications querying the databases.

    • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership with automation of maintenance and monitoring.

    • Improved user experience and enhanced database performance level.


     40 TB+ Database size
    10 Billion+ Queries/month
    220+ DB Servers
    2550+ Databases
    1 Billion+ Agents

    Tools & Technologies

    Microsoft PowerShelf, Power BI, Servicenow, redgate, SQL Server, Nagios