Decoding the Ultimate CX Playbook for Fintech Titans: Challenger Banks, Crypto, and Beyond

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The Real Price of Cutting-edge CX in FintechHave you ever wondered what’s at the heart of your customers’ willingness to open their wallets wider? 66% of consumers said a bad interaction with a business could ruin their day.1  While a staggering 43% of aficionados would gladly shell out more for seamless convenience. 2 We’re living in an era where the …

Navigate your way through Retail and E-commerce shores in 2024

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The Retail and E-commerce sector is witnessing a whirlwind of transformative trends. Learn how to leverage social commerce, subscription-based services, dispute resolution, account management for merchants, personalization for top-tier merchants, and omnichannel strategies and be an early adopter of generative AI and other innovations. Share this Post Enquiry for* —Please Select—Services & SolutionsCareerVendor Empanelment Name* Email* Phone* Company* Designation Country …

4 Proven Ways to Combat Traditional Workflow Bottlenecks with Generative AI and AI Solutions

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Optimizing complex workflows and processes is a continual pursuit in modern business operations. Enter Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking technology poised to transform how industries handle intricate, rule-driven tasks. This blog post dives into the transformative potential of Generative AI in streamlining complex workflows, using real-world scenarios like airline re-accommodation to illustrate how AI-driven solutions can revolutionize traditional rule-based …

Unleashing Infinite Possibilities: How Generative AI is Transforming the Player Experience

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Highlights: The gaming industry has massively benefitted from AI’s adaptive and generative capabilities to create immersive gaming experiences. Generative AI’s impact across aspects of procedural content generation, adaptive difficulty balancing, and personalized storytelling allow each player to have a unique playing experience, even during replay runs. It offers abilities like precise testing support, real-time feedback assistance, and on-spot player analysis …

Unveiling the Key Elements to Build Trustworthy and Successful AI Solutions

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There is rapid growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption as it addresses several challenges businesses have been struggling with for a long time. According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to show strong growth in the coming decade. Its value of nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up …

Beyond the Game: How Content Moderation Shapes the Gaming Experience

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Let’s first establish that content moderation is not just about flagging and removing inappropriate content. It goes beyond just that; it involves a proactive approach to ensuring that the gaming community is safe and healthy for all players. It means setting up and enforcing community standards, creating safe spaces for players to interact, and providing resources for those struggling with …

Player Retention: Cracking the Code

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The reason why one game is more popular than the other is a mystery that anyone would like to solve. After all, each new addition to the gaming industry employs the same basics in building its foundation. How, then, does one fate differently than the other? Sure, the milieu of the game, and its mechanics, are undeniably important. But several …

Driving enhanced CX for a leading airline in Canada

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IGT Solutions helped a leading airline manage increased call volumes with a cloud-based solution that significantly reduced cost per call and enhanced their customer experience. Share this Post

All you need to know about Hyperautomation

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The evolution of robotic process automation continues at a rapid pace. Its evolved avatar, hyperautomation, is here to take over. The applications of this revolutionary technology are multiplying and may soon change everything we thought we knew about automation’s transformative potential. Share this Post

60% cost savings through sales administration support for a leading international automotive research website

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DownloadThe client faced business-critical bottlenecks in sales administration support. IGT Solutions helped them to transform their sales operations and gain efficiency by deploying a team of sales process experts at their location. Share this PostStatistics: 250K plus sales interactions of chat and email support resolved with 99.9% accuracy and 100% KPI/SLA adherence in three months. About the Client The client …