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Ensuring Differentiated Customer Experience in the Leisure & Hospitality Industry

The leisure and hospitality industry today is faced with a unique array of opportunities and challenges. The ever-changing customer demographics, the increasing customer expectations and the influence of social media and smartphones have driven a greater need for personalization. Additionally, players in this industry are under enormous pressure to deliver operational efficiencies and bottom line performance. This has driven the industry to embrace new age and automation technology in a big way, thus paving the way for a revolution in the customer journey through our solutions. With the aim of simplifying and economizing the use of technology, IGT Solutions (IGT) has been enabling better customer experience by working with the industry majors on various new age initiatives. Through comprehensive management of the digital technologies, provision of multi-lingual localized support, integrated social media, mobility-based customer engagement processes and usage of data analytics for service differentiation, IGT ensures a differentiated customer experience.

IGT Solutions is committed to delivering Next-Gen CX Services utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide superior customer experiences to large hotel chains, boutique hotels, casinos, restaurants and other key players.

Comprehensive Offerings

BPM services

CX Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of todays' consumers

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Employing AI & ML in analyzing, interpreting and forecasting data to personalize each customer’s journey

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Delivering robotic process automation, chatbots and voicebots to bring in process excellency and cost efficiency

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Digital Solutions

Digital Engineering

Leveraging mobile, social media with new age technologies to enhance digital customer’s experience

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Delivering Results

  • Handling 3.5 Mn+ hotel reservation calls annually

  • 25% savings in cost through automation

  • 40% reduction in cost per reservation

  • Management of cruise corporate and crew operations with <1% error rates

  • Emergency and after hours support for corporate /crew and guest

  • 78% efficiency gains

  • 12% increase in revenue per call

IGT Travel School

Our distinctive approach for developing in-house travel trained CX Experts helps us in delivering agile & scalable solutions along with superior customer experience.

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