Contract Management for French Hospitality

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IGT’s content management services helped a French multinational hospitality company achieve 99.95 % overall accuracy and 100 % TAT.

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Business Need

  • Exploring partners with the ability to support scale in cost-optimized manner
  • Improve efficiency for content management


  • 99.95 % overall accuracy and 100 % TAT achieved
  • Reduced AHT by 18% leading to additional work absorption
  • Flexibility to support special projects without an increase in headcount
  • Approx 25% savings in cost through automation

Our client is a French multinational hospitality company that owns, manages and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties. With some 4000+ properties, it is the largest hospitality company outside the US.

Solution Provided
IGT provided contract management services including:

  • Hotel Implementation/ Contract Loading
  • Hotel Description (HOD): Text update for transportation, Amenities, general information, and policies.
  • Hotel Contract Validation

Solution Highlights
IGT provided large scale support across multiple work types to the client in a cost-optimized and scalable manner. The solution included:

  • Content management support for 4840 hotels
  • Activities include:
    • New Hotel creation in DataWeb
    • Expert Request: Updating new offers
    • Hotel request (Rates, Planning, and HOD): Modification¬† of prices of rack and corporate rates, creation of packages offer, updating hotel policies, hotel availability, allotments, hotel images loading, and the¬† information on facilities and services provided by the hotel
    • Room Type: Creation, Modification, Transfer and deletion of hotel rooms and updating them in OTAs
  • Processing more than 1000 jobs/emails per month with high accuracy
  • Automation of repeatable tasks through robotic process automation bringing approx 25% FTE savings through efficiency.
  • Implemented QA process including critical success factors to ensure high accuracy