Customer Experience Modernization for a National Flagship Carrier

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The client wanted to transform its customer experience and resolve the challenges posed by the existing system.
Leveraging its extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise, IGT helped the client by proving a low code cloud-based scalable solution with multiple integrations equipped to handle PNR creation, information dissemination regarding bookings, fares, schedules, and various other routine activities across platforms.

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About the Client
The client is a leading airline in the Indian subcontinent and a Star Alliance member. It has a fleet of 127 aircrafts flying 20M+ passengers to more than 100 domestic and international destinations. It serves around 60 international destinations in four continents.

Business Challenge
The on-premise legacy solution built using traditional tools and technologies did not give unified & seamless experience to both customers and customer representatives attending them. The client was dealing with following challenges:

  • Lacked integration capabilities with other applications
  • Multi-channel engagement but all in silos
  • Unable to find right target audience to push campaigns and promotions to eventually generate more revenue
  • Unstructured data was mainly managed in Microsoft Excel

Business Need
The airline wanted to transform its Customer Experience to resolve the challenges posed by the existing system. The new system should provide:

  • Omni-channel customer engagement by supporting new and existing digital channels from telephony to chatbot using an API-led approach.
  • Single 360-degree customer view to empower agents with all customer
    information by integrating with 3rdparty systems working in silo.
  • Provide insights on customer engagement and support execution of complex targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Smart analytics and real-time data available in the form of reports and dashboards sliced and diced for different stakeholders.


    The client selected IGT Solutions for its requirement to provide state-of-the-art CRM for the delivery of service from contact centers. This would enable customer data to be stored in a single application which in turn would enable client to run targeted marketing campaigns and increase revenue. IGT leveraged its extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise to implement a solution best-fitted to address the challenges. The solution consists of following:

    • Low code cloud-based platform solution which is scalable, secure, and easy to customize and upgrade.
    • Managing the customer profile, case management, customer access across all channels, integration with legacy systems, pre-built integration apps, support ticketing, knowledge base, routing and escalation, and queue management.
    • Multiple Integrations implemented including:
      • PSS system to perform various routine activities like PNR creation, information dissemination regarding bookings, fares, schedules etc.
      • Payment gateway to enable payments for both domestic and international
        customers via IVR and self- service custom web link.
      • Risk engine to prevent fraudulent online transactions.
      • SMS gateway to send notification to customers at various stages of journey.
      • Loyalty management system
      • CTI integration via CISCO connector for inbound and outbound calling
    • Marketing campaign management function ability to create customer journey and launch targeted marketing campaigns with comprehensive customer data analytics by harnessing data from various sources including service cloud, PSS and DCS applications.
    • Reporting data pushed to Salesforce Einstein Analytics
    • Enabled digital engagement channels including telephony, SMS, Email, Self-service custom pages, Live chat, ChatBot, Facebook, Twitter to help boost agent productivity, increase ROI and CSAT.
    • Automatic routing of different tickets / cases across omnichannel platform to agents based on the capacity, priority, and skillset.


    • Omnichannel engagement helped boost agent productivity, increase ROI and customer satisfaction levels
    • Improved agents productivity - decision flows are integrated to accelerate the learning curve of agents. The complex process flows like refund, cancellation, ticket reissuance etc. are broken down into steps that agents can go through while interacting with customer to ensure faster and correct resolution of request.
    • Daily assessment of agents at the time of login to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date. This ensures accountability of agents and continuous improvement that can be tracked and reported.
    • With a knowledge base that's embedded right in the console, agents can deliver the right answers to customers with ease. They can even share articles to any channel or device with one click.


    • 2k+ Booking/ Reservations Daily
    • 27k+ Call Volume
    • 25k+ Cases resolved Daily
    • 700+ Agents
    • 4K+ Email to Cases Resolved daily
    • Dealing 50+ mn Travelers annually
    • 4K+ Chatbot Unique conversations daily
    • 15% Efficiency Increase
    • In Managing Cases MoM

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