Successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a Turkey based OTA

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IGT ensured USD 1.1 million of potential revenue savings due to real time monitoring and immediate action on booking failures via Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a Turkey based OTA.

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Client A leading
OTA based out of Turkey.

MS Dynamics CRM Implementation

About the Client
Client is a leading Online travel agency based out of Istanbul, Turkey. Client provides hotel reservation services in both B2B and B2C segments to individual and group travelers across the globe. Client has direct agreements with the hotels and partnerships with the major hotel providers. This combined with their strong purchasing power puts them in the position to negotiate feasible rates for their customers.

Business Need

  • Integrated platform for providing one single view of the customer and managing hotel reservations.
  • Improve efficiencies of the overall system by defining business process workflows and automating end to end back office operations to provide greater control
  • A reporting mechanism to provide real time insights about the business effectiveness


Disparate Systems

  • Lack of a single integrated platform which can be used by Sales, Marketing, Customer service & Back office department for managing day to day hotel reservation requests and related operations
  • Lack of automation in the existing system and process inefficiencies because of lot of manual interventions . No business process workflows were defined
  • No integration with email system making it difficult to track all the emails

Business Intelligence
Lack of reports and dashboards in place to gauge the health of the business in real time

User Management
Managing complex business users scenarios

Solution Overview

The IGT team was involved in suggesting appropriate solution based on business needs and was instrumental in gathering requirements, design, development, implementation and maintenance of the system. The overview of the solution is as follows:

  • The project involved implementation of Sales, Marketing & Customer service module on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform
  • Data migration from legacy Reservation database to MS CRM through SSIS packages
  • Integration of CRM with existing B2B & B2C websites for case management (amendments, cancellations, refunds etc.)
  • Integration of email marketing platform with MS Dynamics CRM for email campaigns
  • Integration of back office tool with CRM for efficient data flow
  • The solution is based on highly scalable architecture keeping in mind the growing and dynamic business needs.

Scope of Services:

The scope of the solution included :

  • Integration of B2B & B2C Websites with CRM
  • Implementation of Customer Service module on the websites
  • Account & contact management for maintaining customer profile
  • Customization of existing vanilla forms in Dynamics CRM
  • SLA management and escalation framework in case of SLA breach
  • Email management – email creation & distribution, email templates and automatic replies
  • Marketing list management – static & dynamic list
  • Customer segmentation based on the demographics & other relevant attributes
  • Campaign Management for managing offers & promotions
  • Lead management for generating & tracking leads

Solution Highlights

The proposed solutions provides following functionalities :

  • Creation of cases through the existing B2B & B2C websites
  • SLA Management for better tracking and improved customer service
  • Business Workflows definition for increased operational efficiency
  • Workflows management for providing greater automation in the business process
  • Create and execute marketing campaigns with the help of precise segmentation techniques
  • Approval mechanism in place to prevent unauthorized actions
  • Audit trail to ensure all risks are covered
  • Role based access to ensure data security
  • Reports and dashboards


  • Enable 360 degree view of the customer by providing information in a single window
  • Better tracking & control over the operations process with 20% reduction in dropped service requests
  • Improve customer satisfaction due to immediate case acknowledgement to the customer and provision to check real time status
  • Advance reports & dashboards (5 dashboards & 25 reports)
  • Introduce SLA mechanism for the service requests logged by the customer
  • 63% improvement in average time taken for case resolution
  • Better segmentation capability of target market leading to effective manpower utilization
  • USD 1.1 Million of potential revenue saving due to real time monitoring and immediate action on booking failures
  • 1000 cases resolved using the CRM in the last 1 month
  • Improved clicks and opens for email campaigns
  • Greater visibility into the entire sales process with required approval mechanism
  • Built better data security due to roles based access control