Providing Deep Travel Domain Knowledge and Analytics Process Expertise to a Revenue Optimization Firm

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The client wanted to fast track onboarding process & improve the efficiency of the data being consumed. IGT established data engineering services for their current data discovery, data mapping, and data ingestion phases.

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The client was looking for a partner who can fast track their customer onboarding process with their sheer knowledge and understanding of travel/airline domain who could effectively improve the efficiency of the data being consumed by their algorithms for accurate results and better forecasting for their customers.


  • Faster onboarding of data using established ingestion framework.
  • Improved overall efficiency on data discovery and data mapping process.
  • Allowed customer to remain focused on their core expertise, i.e. AI & ML
  • Real time intelligence on google cloud platform
  • 14 data set integrated into GCP AirFlow/Spark for pricing analytics
  • 3 Years of historical data loaded across all functional areas
  • Avg of 80 PNRs processed per minutes per airline
  • Reducing cost or repetitive steps in every cycle of customer implementation

The client is an AI solution provider for some of the largest airlines helping to forecast price elasticity and demand for seats, ancillary products & bundles offers etc.

Problem Statement
The process of onboarding of newly contracted airlines and ingestion of feeds from the airline’s various systems into client’s analytics database was inefficient and slow. This was impacting the client’s agility & forecasting of their customers needs. For this quick turnaround, the client needed expertise in both cloud based real time data consumption and business and functional knowledge of various aircraft systems and operational procedures.

IGT’s Approach/Solutions

  • IGT filled the gap of domain expertise with their airline domain experience
  • Provided enhancement and process optimization recommendations for existing ingestion platform
  • Provided data discovery and data mapping activities on airline’s source systems
  • Implemented proven and established Data Engineering services for their current data discovery, data mapping, and data ingestion phases.
  • Created and maintained the Artifacts, Data Dictionaries and Customer-Specific Process documents
  • Standardization of processes for data delivery
  • Assisted in the elaboration of Data Ingestion and ETL frameworks
  • Knowledge consolidations of new customer onboarding
  • Data ingestion from the system such as CRS, PRS, DCS, Sales Platform, Revenue management, Merchandising etc.
  • Strict adherence to milestones and commitments
  • Identified and extracted relevant data.