Optimizing Sales Revenue & Goal Performance for a Leading Luxury Hotel Chain

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The client wanted in-depth analysis of revenue goal that are set for the sales team with the ability to track current revenue trends and likelihood of achieving the target, IGT provided a holistic picture of the revenue performance and sales and developed a dashboards tailored to the needs of the business to uncover the areas of improvement to achieve goals.

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Business Need

Analyze Revenue Goals: Business required in-depth analysis of revenue goals that are set for the sales team

Tracking Trend & Forecasting Revenue: Ability to track current revenue trends and likelihood of achieving the targets that need to be analyzed throughout the year

Avoid Manual Errors: Replace existing error prone (manual excel based) revenue reporting with automated & accurate dashboards with intuitive visuals

Corporate Hierarchy Based views: Sales Revenue insights needed to be analyzed based on hierarchies at Director, Sales Manager, Property Owner levels

Sales Target Distribution & Tracking: Conversion of Long term sales targets at monthly level for accurate tracking & optimal distribution amongst sales team


  • Direct consumption of sales goals into dashboards from variety of sources for 100 + Sales Executives
  • 10 Dashboards with complete understanding of goals and achievements performance of a Sales Owner
  • Hierarchical and holistic views of revenue performance vis a vis goals
  • Compare & understand revenue from multiple segments, profiles, owners, resort & market codes
  • Comparative sales manager performance analysis to director of sales and CXOs

The client is a leading chain of luxury hotels based out of China with luxury properties in 10 major cities.

Problem Statement
The client was lacking holistic view on Sales Revenues & goal performance due to data silos; existing process was error prone with lot of manual intervention. The downstream layers were unable to identify new sales opportunities to boost the revenue.

IGT’s Approach/Solutions
Underlying the fundamental objective of sales revenue performance measurement and optimization, IGT came up with a consultative solution approach which includes:

  • Gathering requirements from end-users and suggest best possible stories and BI dashboard wireframes to uncover true business insights
  • Understand current data stores, data structure & relationships to deduce its utility for fulfillment of business requirements
  • Consulted on the best possible automated manner to capture goals instead of current manuals excel based data captures
  • Developed precision crafted dashboard targeting sales revenue performance optimization tailored to the needs of business to uncover the areas of improvement for achieving sales revenue goals
  • Providing a holistic picture of the revenue performance of properties as well as performance of sales executives to senior leadership
  • Dashboard to provide centralized view of overall sales revenue goals & achievements

Key Insights

  • With our insights, customer can visualize multiple KPI trends with flexibility to choose from important KPIs like RevPAR, RevPOR, ADR/ARR, Occupancy Percentage, No. of Bookings, No. of Nights
  • Targeted Vs actual sales comparison for various travel agents & companies across multiple market codes & account types
  • YTD & MTD achievements of sales executives in local and global accounts
  • Top over performers & underperformers with various filter options like sales rep code, market code, resort code, account code & account name