Providing Digital Contact Center Services To Top 5 Travel Companies

Handling 8 Mn+ Reservations/Customer Service Queries

Booking Value Generated Annually
Sales Conversion for Contact Center
Ticketing / Fulfillment Serviced Annually

Digitizing BPM Processes for Superior Customer Experience for OTAs/TMCs

In today’s dynamic business environment, travel agencies face tremendous economic and margin pressures to manage customer expectations and cost challenges. The need of the hour for travel management companies (TMCs) and online travel agencies (OTAs) is to increase revenues through cost-effective distribution channels, upsell and cross-sell opportunities and provide value-added services to their customers.

It has thus become important for travel agencies to leverage technology, outsourcing, and new age media effectively and efficiently to deliver superior customer experience.

IGT Solutions (IGT) enables better travel by delivering digital contact center services to the travel agencies. With deep domain expertise, qualified and experienced resource pool and a strong focus on operational excellence, IGT helps TMCs and OTAs increase their revenue through online and offline channels, decrease their operational costs and provide differentiated services to their customers.

Comprehensive Offerings


BPM Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of today’s connected traveller
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Travel Technology

Developing domain focused technology solutions for the OTA/TMC industry to enhance operational efficiency
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BPM Services

Digital Solutions

Leveraging Analytics, RPA, Chatbots and new age technologies to enhance the digital traveller's experience
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Delivering Results

  • Over 8 Mn+ customer queries annually

  • World class performance across global performance indicators- NPS, C-SAT, trust pilot score

  • 500000 refunds processed every year

IGT Travel School

Unique approach for developing travel trained and BPO ready talent in-house. Helping with quick scalability solutions along with higher success rate resources to deliver superior customer experience

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Big Data

Is it worth implementing Big Data Technologies?

An estimated $ 80 billion is lost each year because of bad customer experiences, out of which approx $2.3 Bn is the annual impact on the airline industry because of customer experience
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rpa in travel industry

Structuring Ticket Process Outsourcing

For Travel Agencies, ticketing is a function that entails high process time, while being a low value generating function.
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social media for travel industry

Mobilize, Personalize, Socialize

Smart devices and social analytics are transforming the online buyer landscape. The user is becoming more informed and interactive. Industries must respond by having the right systems and processes in place.

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