An Overview

As a content moderation services provider, we recognize the necessity of upholding our employees' physical and mental wellness. We understand that the sensitive nature of their work sometimes exposes content moderators to graphic, violent, and egregious content that can harm their mental health. Our culture is rooted in employee well-being and focused on providing moderators with adequate research-backed support to mitigate the risks of mental illnesses like stress, depression, and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). All IGT Solutions content moderators and support staff - supervisory, managerial, or otherwise - are covered under our Trust and Safety Policy.

Transparency and trust go in hand in hand for us.

We are committed to creating a supportive work environment and making employee journeys easier. At IGT Solutions, we believe that transparency is the cornerstone of trust. We explicitly state the requirement of viewing sensitive content in the job descriptions for content moderators and provide candidates with a comprehensive breakdown of the position's nature and scope during the evaluation and shortlisting process.

We provide an overview of our wellness program, coping techniques, and policies upon joining, asking for confirmation of understanding. Our team leaders and managers have received extensive training in supporting the well-being of employees and resolving situations of worker distress.



DEI is imperative for innovation. We recognize the uniqueness of every employee's background and experience and have an organization-wide culture in which each member of our global workforce is heard and valued. Our DEI Council comprises cross-functional members from diverse backgrounds, hierarchies, and geographies. They drive positive change through people in a collaborative and structured way. IGT Solutions invests in our employee's professional growth and personal development. Our employees get strategically crafted training, upskilling, one-on-one mentoring, and brainstorming initiatives to define and achieve their career objectives.

We understand the necessity of a healthy work-life balance. Our employees can work from home or connect, collaborate, and work with maximum security anywhere and on any device. IGT Solutions constantly revises our wellness programs to improve their impact on employees' physical, emotional, and m health.


Wellness Training and Activities

At IGT Solutions, we annually communicate our wellness policies and services to our employees. Our global wellness team manages the wellness operations for all our trust and safety practice locations.

  • Qualified clinicians provide 30-45 minutes of individual and group counseling per shift, with the option of additional therapy outside of work.
  • Wellness activities in specially designated areas
  • The employee assistance program offers 24/7 critical incident reports, virtual counseling, and support
  • Peer support groups for mental health are readily available, with materials provided for monthly meetings
  • Weekly volunteer wellness training and activities, along with wellness breaks
  • WFM/RTA team can pre-schedule the breaks over and above the time spent on training, process-based coaching, or feedback sessions (option to avail them without prior planning when immediate intervention is required, such as due to a mental breakdown or distress).
  • As per industry Trust & Safety norms, we have mechanisms to limit sensitive content moderation to five to six hours a day.

Recreational Activities

We have built designated wellness zones or centers within our production floors to provide content moderators and support employees with proper infrastructure for their well-being. Our employees have a multitude of recreational activities to engage in, recharge, and unwind:
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Fitness Center

Fully equipped gymnasium to stretch, shed some weight, or get the heart and lungs racing
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Break-out Zone

Cozy and comfortable corner to relax, socialize, and take a much-needed pause when things seem monotonous
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Yoga Center

A calm and quiet place to de-stress, reflect, and recalibrate the mental focus
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Creative Coves

A haven for all to explore their creative side and indulge in their hobbies and interests
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Relaxation Pods

Peaceful and cozy spaces to rest or rejuvenate with that power nap

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On-campus eateries offering healthy and delectable food options
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Mini Theatre

On-campus, friendly space for employees to enjoy their favorite movies or shows together
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Gaming Stations

A fun zone for employees to enjoy their free time and bond with their peers

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