Omni-Channel CRM

Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform

In the world of digital, customers have multiple channels to interact with the brand and ensuring a consistent customer experience with a growing volume of customer requests can be challenging and overwhelming. To achieve competitive advantage, it is paramount for companies to provide swift, consistent, and personalized response to the customers via their preferred interaction channel across all touchpoints.

Omni-Channel CRM is a custom built platform that can transform the way companies engage with their customers. Whether it is emails, social media or chat, omni-channel CRM will enable the customer service agents to provide a superior customer service in a most efficient and consistent manner across all channels.

IGT Offerings

Omni-Channel CRM uses an advance Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm along with powerful and flexible workflows to solve the business needs like Social Media Management, AI-based Email Processing and Automated PNR Processing. It ensures that every customer request is handled in the most optimum manner.

Omni-Channel CRM help organizations become adaptable to the changing digital environment incessantly. It enables them to respond to customers in the fastest and the most personalized manner possible by detecting the sentiment of an incoming request, automatically prioritizing and routing it to the right department, and even identifying the most suitable response.

The inbuilt features of the solution are:

Web-based platform to capture, track and manage data from multiple sources such as GDS, CRMs, Mail Servers, and Social Media etc.
Responsive agent console (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) for multiple action types and functions
Custom-built algorithm to prioritize tasks across agents, bots over physical and virtual boundaries
Task allocation based on Customer Value, agent skill sets, leveraging intelligent robotics
Built-in analytics and access to advanced reporting features such as historical reports, statistical & customized reporting
Robust reminder management system integrated with scheduled and unscheduled notifications in form of alerts and mailers
Pre-defined customizable email templates with context based auto responder
Support to multiple tailored SLAs, event alerts and monitoring systems for real time task tracking
Built-in user management with access control, sharing and visibility of data based on the user roles

Delivering Results

  • 30% efficiency gains for the largest global OTA
  • 80% reduction in agents screening emails due to automation for a leading LCC carrier
  • Missed opportunities due to fare increase decreased by 10% for a large European OTA

IGT BPM Services And Solutions

IGT provides front office and back office BPM services through its Global Delivery Model from 15 locations worldwide and support in over 20 languages.
Languages Supported

English | Cantonese | Japanese | Mandarin | Korean | French | German | Arabic | Ukrainian | Spanish | Russian | Czech | Danish | Polish | Brazilian Portuguese | Dutch | Norwegian | Tagalog | Ind-Bahasa | Thai | Malay | Indian Regional | Nepali

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