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Logistics and Cargo play a very important within today’s economy and in the distribution industry. Many companies are dependent on logistics to keep their business strong hence it becomes extremely crucial for this vertical to keep pace with advancements in technology. The sheer scale of operations also make it imperative to process large volumes of transactions real-time to gain visibility across the supply chain, improve strategic decision making and deliver efficient customer service.

IGT Solutions (IGT) works with global companies to improve consumer convenience, reduce cost and drive customer satisfaction.

Further, IGT offers these services within two verticals of Logistics industry:-


Air Cargo

IGT Solutions is committed to delivering Next-Gen CX Services utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide superior customer experiences to the Air Cargo industry. Leveraging on strong Automation and Analytics expertise, IGT addresses key areas of cost reduction, efficiency in customer service and effective risk management.
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Our outsourcing logistics services address the critical challenges in the CEP industry and help companies improve last-mile delivery. We enable clients to optimize costs, improve process efficiency and create customer delight across the customer care value chain.
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Comprehensive Offerings

BPM services

CX Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of todays' consumers

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Employing AI & ML in analyzing, interpreting and forecasting data to personalize each customer’s journey

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Delivering robotic process automation, chatbots and voicebots to bring in process excellency and cost efficiency

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Digital Solutions

Digital Engineering

Leveraging mobile, social media with new age technologies to enhance digital customer’s experience

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Delivering Results

  • 300K+ Total No. of Reservation Calls

  • Bookings Across 5 Brands

  • 38-40% Sales Conversion

IGT Travel School

Our distinctive approach for developing in-house travel trained CX Experts helps us in delivering agile & scalable solutions along with superior customer experience.

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Air Cargo Support Services

The Air Cargo industry is a complex operation involving transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, packaging, securityand customer services.

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Case Study

Increase in Revenue and CSAT for a leading Air Cargo in US

IGT helped increase sales conversion by 44% within a year

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Courier, Express & Parcel (CEP) BPO Services For quality customer engagements

 Last-mile delivery is an essential element of logistics. Courier, Express & Parcel (CEP) companies responsible for this final phase of the supply chain can either cause delivery delays and damage the brand’s image or enhance the customer satisfaction via on time or before delivery.

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