Unlatch z/TPF data using DFDL


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DFDL stands for Data Format Description Language and is powerful modelling language from Open Grid Forum, which describes the structure of text and binary data format, bit stream formats etc., all in a way that is independent of format itself.

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DFDL is powerful tool for describing the structure of binary and textual data. It provides the ability to convert the z/TPF binary data to XML/JSON and will continue to be enhanced and leveraged by z/TPF.

Today, z/TPF application code is required to remote access the data residing on z/TPF from remote platform in open environment, which involves parsing of input/output request and response, database access for e.g. z/TPFDF API’s, which increases the time to market & cost of maintaining and enhancing these custom applications for new business.

With the advent of MongoDB and DFDL, binary & textual (z/TPFDF) data can be described using the DFDL and further utilising MongoDB z/TPF data can be accessed directly which will reduce the cost and time to market.