IT Helpdesk Services

Application Support Services

With the rise of connected customers, it has become imperative for organizations to be responsive and deliver anytime anywhere services. A high performance technology infrastructure with a robust backend support can enable them to meet these dynamic business needs and ensure smooth operations.

Acknowledging this need, IGT offers IT helpdesk services and support to provide round-the-clock support for IT applications and software systems.

IGT Offerings

IGT Application Support Helpdesk captures and prioritizes maintenance requests, identifies unresolved calls and enables express resolution.
IGT Technical Helpdesk leverages industry best practices and rich domain expertise to provide best-in-class application support services essential for a digital workplace. A multi-tiered troubleshooting approach supported by domain-led technical knowledge helps in faster issue resolution, positively influencing user experience and creating operational efficiencies so that industries can provide efficient IT help desk services.
IT Helpdesk Support
  • ITIL based support
  • Incident and problem management
  • Applications support (e.g. PMS, CRS)
  • L1/L2 support for all IT software and support related issues
  • Catching and dispatching process to various resolver groups for end resolution
  • Management of all change requests & application servicing
  • General troubleshooting assistance like internet connectivity support, website navigational support
  • Quality assurance and audits for all tickets handled, ensuring better quality and faster turnaround of end-user requests

Delivering Results

  • Resolution of 4,000+ cases per month across multi-channels like voice, email, and online portal for a leading travel technology provider

  • 95% FCR rate consistently for a leading hotels technology provider

  • Improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) for a leading hotels technology provider

IGT BPM Services And Solutions

IGT provides front office and back office BPM services through its Global Delivery Model from 15 locations worldwide and support in over 20 languages.
Languages Supported

English | Cantonese | Japanese | Mandarin | Korean | French | German | Arabic | Ukrainian | Spanish | Russian | Czech | Danish | Polish | Brazilian Portuguese | Dutch | Norwegian | Tagalog | Ind-Bahasa | Thai | Malay | Indian Regional | Nepali

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