DevOps Maturity Assessment for Global Airline Alliance

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The starting point to transform a firm is to measure and understand the current state which is why the client, a leading airline alliance approached us. Our solution provided upfront visibility on the current and targeted state for its B2B and B2C applications.

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The Client is a leading airlines alliance of 15+ airlines and access to 1100+ destinations, enabling seamless connectivity with a range of comprehensive customer benefits and services to international travelers.

Business Challenges

  • Manual Build- DeployTest of features for Border Management products led to monthly roll outs.
  • Environment setup and provision for Development and Test teams took a week leading to resources being idle, productivity loss, and cost overruns.
  • Cross-vendor resource dependency to adhere to manual process slowed down the overall SDLC.

Solution Provided

  • Integrated automated pipeline leveraging existing tools aligned to IGT Solutions DevOps Model.
  • Automated provisioning of environment resources to spin environments via Orchestrator.
  • Uniform and seamless process for Build – Deploy – Test across all environments

Value Adds

  • Agility: Up to 90% reduction in cycle time for Build-DeployTest.
  • Efficiency: Reduction in time to market of features from monthly to at will.
  • Productivity: Up to 70% improvement in the productivity of Development and Test resources.