Computer Vision and CX

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“Computer Vision, a rapidly evolving form of AI, can enable superior Customer Experience (CX)”

What is Computer Vision and what is CX?

Computer vision is an AI capability that allows IT solutions to extract data from digital images, videos, and other visual inputs, understand it and take or recommend action. It uses cutting-edge ML and AI capability to replace the human eye.

As per Annette Franz, founder, and CEO of CX Journey, “Customer experience is the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with an organization over the life of the relationship with that company or with that brand”

Why is Computer Vision enabled CX important?

As consumers are increasingly embracing digital, many of their transactions and interactions are getting digitalized and personalized. Computer Vision is one of the technologies that enable this personalization, and the possibilities are immense.

What are some of the use cases of improving CX through Computer Vision?

The most common use cases these days are in the retail and fashion industry.

Effective CX in a retail store nowadays depends on hassle-free availability, quick checkouts, and customized offers. This may seem to be difficult to achieve especially during periods of high footfall. Retail Stores can use Computer Vision for quick self-checkout, automatic refilling alerts for empty shelves, monitor customer activity for suspicious behavior, measure footfalls, and do customer traffic management in real-time.

It can reduce waiting time in long shopping checkout queues by automatically alerting the activation of more checkout nodes seamlessly. It can also provide accurate footfall analytics with data on repeat customers in the store etc.

The Fashion Industry is leveraging Computer Vision to create image-based searches for design availability, virtual trial rooms for e-commerce to give a look and feel or to generate new ideas and provide intelligent recommendations. Similarly, it can also be used for the furniture, home décor, and eyewear industry to name a few.

Parking management in large shopping malls can be another use case. Computer Vision can be used for occupancy detection and management based on visual data inputs. Hassle-free parking will optimize the shopping traffic and improve the CX of customers shopping there. This can be extended to many other applications of parking management such as – at airports, public transport parking, or large trade shows or concerts.

 How can you apply Computer Vision to improve the CX of customer support?

Customers need a quick and effective resolution of their needs when they connect with a support center. The optimal CX here would mean minimal waiting times and minimal steps in an effective resolution process.

Customer Care centers can be upgraded with Computer Vision enabled Virtual Assistants. It can extract details, authenticate customers and automatically fill details based on visual data inputs of the customer or the product. It can zero in on objects in stills or videos provided by customers and recognize details like category, model no., and manufacturer.

Advanced solutions also have the capability of detecting the operational status of components of a device and detecting faults with high accuracy even for poor-quality images provided by customers.

 How can you apply Computer Vision to improve the CX of air travel industry?

Air travel passengers choose an airline based on the CX offered, besides cost and convenience. Computer Vision can help provide a better CX with intelligent baggage handling, quick check-ins, advanced airport security capability, better aircraft traffic management with the least delays, real-time snag detection of aircraft and in the airport infrastructure. It can also pull up details of repeat passengers for in-flight staff for a better and more customized flight experience. A customer would be delighted with the more customized, hassle-free, delightful, and on-time experience.

Do you think the time has come for Computer Vision to transform CX across domains?

The applications of computer vision are endless and can be used at every node of customer interaction that involves vision to create a better customer experience. It generates a large amount of accurate data for optimization of the experience with analysis and insights in real-time. Businesses that care for their customers want to provide a high customer experience that CX enabled with Computer Vision can provide.

Computer Vision-enabled CX is happening now!



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