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With Work-at-Home becoming the new normal, high-performance organizations are looking for innovative solutions to make remote work environment safer and more secure. Data security is amongst the top three priorities for organizations looking to implement work at home. As the need for security and automation increases, industries are adopting video surveillance technology to enable a secure remote environment. With more and more employees working from home, the surveillance feed only increases and becomes challenging to analyze it manually. With the help of video analytics technology, organizations can analyze videos and monitor insights in real-time, this helps supervisors evaluate scenarios and take necessary actions.

How does it work?

Video analytics is a technology that has achieved a milestone in the computer vision sector. Just like we see the world with our eyes, computers do so through cameras. Although the cameras can see, the ability to process and understand the data takes place through the technique of video processing. Video processing is a combination of small tasks where a video or image is analyzed frame by frame. For this analysis, processing libraries have been created that consist of algorithms that help in object detection, recognition and tracking etc., which helps build fast and accurate solutions.

Essentially, video analytics uses a mathematical algorithm that classifies objects based on pixels or frames. The technology can help improve security and the effort towards proactive security. Let’s look at some of the use cases of applying video analytics to a business:

  • Incident prevention – Assists in perimeter breach and alerts security personnel to respond to the threat.
  • Remote video surveillance – Helps detect perimeter intrusion as a service, this eliminates the need for on-site guards.
  • Cost savings – Video analytics helps find evidence without having to manually sift through videos. This saves time and any legal and insurance costs.
  • Reduces stress – Reduces staff stress, especially for the ones watching potentially disturbing video scenes.
  • Night vision enabled – Efficiently supports operational systems with the use of motion detection which does not require full brightness or lighting.

Intelligent Video Analytics: The new eyes for Work at Home employees:

Video analytics is primarily used for two security functions; detection and alert of real-time events and post-events investigation. Video analytics technology can be deployed in several sectors including transportation, residences, industries, travel, and hospitality. With most of the world working from home, one of the challenges faced by companies is enabling a secure work at home set up, especially in a call center environment where security is paramount and adhering to service levels is a key factor.

So how are call centers able to carry out operations without impacting the safety of the employees and the equipment provided to them? The answer: smart surveillance systems that are robust in response.

IGT’s Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) technology is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered video stream that helps monitor agents in real time to increase efficiency and security of work at home solutions. The software is equipped to recognize people, set rules, patterns, objects and situations automatically to generate alerts and notifications by applying IGT’s proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Key Capabilities:

IGT’s IVA technology capabilities help in keeping work at home as operational as in-office.

  • Monitoring

Our live work force command center feed monitors live agents and checks for any recording and communication devices, writing instruments & unauthorized personnel. It also includes facial identification of agents and idle agent monitoring.

  • Alerts & Notifications

Our IVA technology is equipped to send alerts for all suspicious activities or improper camera placements. With the ability to send customized agent notifications in real-time, team leads can also manage an agent’s break time.

  • Recording

This feature helps record any suspicious activity and periodically records samples to ensure work at home security is not impacted.

  • Analytics

Our customized dashboards help gain insights on agent productivity, shift schedule adherence, habitual defaulters etc. Features like suspect resolution analysis helps our team leaders resolve matters in real-time.

  • Security Control

Work at home can bring challenges such as connectivity issues, with the help of the security control ability, our IVA technology can auto sync post lost connectivity, send proactive alerts for off the grid systems, assist in gaining remote system access control, encrypt both data at rest & data in motion while ensuring zero data storage at agent’s end.

  • Technology

Our command center administrative features enable remote installation, automated upgrades & deployments along with automatic restart capability. It is also equipped with public cloud hosting & on premise options.

Security and compliance is our top most priority; video analytics not only helps increase the success rate of work at home, but also empowers our teams to adhere to compliances & policies and enhance employee productivity. If deployed appropriately, video analytics can be an effective technology. With the use of sophisticated algorithms, and pixel and frame analysis, the smallest of details can be highlighted. IVA technology is intelligently tailored to meet the security needs of organizations and its functionality only continues to grow. In the current work at home scenario, video analytics solutions are proving to be invaluable in helping us meet our daily tasks.



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