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Sales Conversion for Contact Center
Increase in C-SAT

Facilitating Rapid Progress with Consistent Customer Experience

Technology stands tall and proud at the pole position for Hi-Tech companies. With changes happening at a lightning pace, Hi-Tech companies have to adapt to the market's growing demands. Growth opportunities are abundant for companies that embrace complete digital operations because it enables them to scale up quickly. Digital contact centres and automation solutions such as chatbots allow companies to stay connected with their increasing customer base. An integrated ecosystem of intelligent digital processes can ensure that companies live up to their full potential.

IGT Solutions realizes the need for continuous customer support and provides services to augment the digital customer experience. Our proprietary Customer Experience (CeX) 3.A framework of smart agents, smart automation and smart analytics in the digital customer experience environment makes customer interactions meaningful and memorable.

Service offerings for Hi-Tech Companies

IGT works closely with Hi-Tech companies to understand their operations and guarantee top-notch customer experience all the way. It offers a range of Customer Experience(CX) services to manage the end-to-end customer journey. These include sales and inquiry, customer support, content management, loyalty management, back-office support, and more. IGT’s digital offerings like self-service support (Chatbot), social media management, analytics, and back-office automation (RPA) help you augment the operations and maintain smooth workflow, thereby providing the best-in-class customer experience to your customers.

Digital Transformation And Automation

CX Services

  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Order Management
  • Fulfilment & Delivery
  • Logistics Management
  • Content Management
  • Back-office Support
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Finance & Administration
Digital Transformation And Automation


  • Social Media Management
  • Conversational Automation (Chatbots/Voicebots)
  • Industry-focused Automation
  • Data and Analytics
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Omni-channel CRM

Comprehensive Offerings

BPM services

CX Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of todays' consumers

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Employing AI & ML in analyzing, interpreting and forecasting data to personalize each customer’s journey

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Delivering robotic process automation, chatbots and voicebots to bring in process excellency and cost efficiency

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Digital Solutions

Digital Engineering

Leveraging mobile, social media with new age technologies to enhance digital customer’s experience

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Delivering Results

  • USD 500Mn+ generation in gross revenue annually

  • 60% DSAT reduction

  • 10Mn+ social interactions annually

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