Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI)


Get meaningful insights into your business with IGT’s Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) services. Self-enabled ad hoc reporting and dashboards highlighting KPIs are the keys to informed decision making.

Business Intelligence data services deliver value from raw data by transforming it. A vast amount of experience and expertise is needed to turn the data into insights with the application of traditional methodologies and advanced algorithms to enable better-informed business decisions to be it strategic, operational or financial decisions.

IGT Offerings

  • Data Integration

    Data Integration from a variety of structured data sources using standard open source ETL tools.

  • Data Modeling

    Logical and physical data modeling using best practices as per industry norms, also customization of industry-specific data models as well.

  • Data Management

    Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, Cleansing, Harmonization, and more.

  • Business Reporting

    Information delivery framework, Ad hoc reporting, Dashboards, Semantic layers, KPIs, Metrics using open source as well as leading reporting tools

  • Data Visualization

    Advanced data visualization services using business exploratory data visualization tools likes of Tableau and Qlikview.

  • Data Migration

    Moving data with quality, integrity, and reliability

Business Intelligence
Tools Expertise

Intrinsic Value

  • 100+ pre-defined airline specific static, canned, ad-hoc and drill through reports

  • 435+ direct and calculated metrics

  • 70 TB size of data warehouse handled

  • More than 810 dimensional attributes

IGT BPM Services And Solutions

IGT provides front office and back office BPM services through its Global Delivery Model from 15 locations worldwide and support in over 20 languages.
Languages Supported

English | Cantonese | Japanese | Mandarin | Korean | French | German | Arabic | Ukrainian | Spanish | Russian | Czech | Danish | Polish | Brazilian Portuguese | Dutch | Norwegian | Tagalog | Ind-Bahasa | Thai | Malay | Indian Regional | Nepali

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