Intelligent Video Analytics- IVA

60% reduction in Data Security vulnerabilities within 30 days

To enhance the efficiency, security and compliance for work at home, IGT has developed an AI powered video stream which can be used to monitor agents in real time. The solution is equipped to recognize people, patterns, set rules, objects and situations automatically to generate alerts and notifications by applying IGT’s proprietary machine learning algorithms.


IGT’s Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

Enabling Secure Work at Home

Security & Compliance

  • Facial recognition
  • Data & information
  • Assets & policies

Remote Inspection & Monitoring

  • Live agent monitoring
  • Live work force command center

AI & ML Powered Identification

  • Real time alerts and notifications

Analytics & Business Insights

  • Pattern recognition
  • Agent productivity intelligence

Key Capabilities


  • Live agent monitoring for recording and communication devices, writing instruments & unauthorized personnel
  • Live work force command center feed
  • Facial identification of agents
  • Idle agent monitoring

Alerts & Notifications

  • Alerts for all suspicious activities
  • Customizable agent notification
  • Real time notification to command center
  • Break time management
  • Camera improper placement alerts


  • Random sample recording
  • Configurable periodic sampling
  • Suspected activity recording


  • Agent productivity intelligence
  • Shift schedule adherence analytics
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • Habitual Defaulters Report
  • Suspect resolution analytics

Security Control

  • Auto sync post lost connectivity
  • Proactive alerts for off the grid systems
  • Remote system access control
  • Configurable suspicious activity
  • Encryption at both data at rest & data in motion
  • Zero data storage at agents system


  • Remote installation
  • Automatic restart capability
  • Automated upgrades & deployments
  • Public cloud hosting & on premise options

Looking for innovative ways to make home working environment more safe and secure? Take a look at how IGT’s AI powered Intelligent Video Analytics solution helps monitor agents in real time to increase efficiency and security of work at home.


  • 7% increase in agent productivity

  • 60% reduction in data security vulnerabilities within 30 days

  • 30% vulnerabilities identified for overall agents under monitoring

  • 75% reduction in CoC violations

  • 3% routine offenders identified and categorized as high risk

  • 25% reduction in resolution time of suspicious cases

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