Analytics as a Service


Analytics as a service simplifies your infrastructure management, architecture & licensing.

Analytics as a Service is a tailor-fit option for clients to have end-to-end analytics capability needs without any additional capital expenditure on infrastructure management, architecture and licensing. The biggest advantage of the offering is speed-to-business and simplified technology for clients with very flexible commercial models on subscription based monthly services.

IGT Offerings

  • End to end Technology

    End-to-End services including Platform, Advisory, Data Discovery, Professional and support services as a packaged solution offering

  • Best Practise Security

    Cloud based analytics platform is based on industry best security practices. Security at network, application, data and access level are part of the security framework

  • Speedy Business Insights

    Highly result oriented models provide enriching insights within 3 – 4 months of duration. This may vary depending on complexity and needs

  • Flexible commercials

    Highly customizable commercial models with monthly subscription options. With a low initial investment it also offers the flexibility to turn-on and off periodically

  • 24x7 support

    Global support team provides L1 and L2 support and works with OEMs on L3 level support

Business Value

Cost Effective

Subscription based offering with no initial investment


Cloud based and easy to scale up based on need

Reduced Time-to-Market

Agile and lean implementation