We Made a List. You Should Check It Twice. Find Out if Your CX Partner was Naughty or Nice.

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Mastering Retail Holiday Success: A Unified Guide for Evaluation, Planning, and Evolution 

The holiday season may be behind us - the frenzy of Black Thursdays and Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Boxing Days, and 1/11s are now in our rearview mirror. But is it truly over? The holiday season is a critical time for the retail industry, where the effectiveness of your customer support and experience plays a pivotal role in shaping your reputation, brand loyalty, and competitive edge.

    Now that the festivities are over, it's crucial to reflect on the lessons learned in 2023 and prepare for this year's holiday season by addressing identified areas of opportunity and incorporating them into your 2024 readiness plan.  While we could dive into complex checklists of metrics and service level agreements like response time, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and resolution rate, let's keep things simple for now. We'll start by asking a few yes or no questions to assess how well your customer experience (CX) partner performed.

      Did your CX Partner successfully anticipate and handle the surge in customer inquiries during the holiday season?

      Were they able to maintain top-notch, personalized interactions despite the increased volume?

      Did your CX Partner positively impact overall customer satisfaction levels during the holiday?

      Did your CX Partner swiftly and efficiently resolve significant issues or customer complaints during the holiday season?

      Did your CX Partner provide a comprehensive post-holiday support report that includes a breakdown of actual contact activities compared to anticipated ones? Was social listening and VOC included in the report to gauge customer sentiment regarding your holiday support plans?

      Did they also outline plans to tackle any challenges that may have emerged during this period?

      Did your CX Partner score at least 4 yeses? If not, keep reading?

      Operational Process Requirements for Future-Proof Holiday Readiness  

      Clear communication channels are the lifelines of your operation. It is vital to ensure information flows freely between your team and Customer Experience (CX) partners to keep operations humming efficiently.   

      During stressful times, you need streamlined access to the experts at hand. A comprehensive plan for manager and subject expert coverage ensures that there's always someone there to address any customer concerns quickly.  

      The holidays can be stressful, so don't forget team morale! Small celebrations, team-building exercises, or impromptu acts of appreciation can go a long way in maintaining a people-first culture. 

      And remember, competitive brands adapt. It is crucial to monitor customer feedback and modify your processes to meet shifting consumer demands effectively.   

      But how can you be sure your CX Partner is a perfect match? Here's what you should look for.  

      Crucial Traits of a Top-Notch CX Partner 

      Don't just settle for a partner that offers basic customer service. It would help if you worked with a partner that delivers exceptional retail customer experiences and seamlessly aligns with your company culture and values. Here's what to keep an eye out for:  

      • Shared Values and Goals: Look for a CX Partner that shares your values and goals, fostering a harmonious relationship and consistent customer experience. 
      • Customer-First Mindset: The best CX Partner prioritizes the customer's needs and understands how to drive satisfaction and loyalty. 
      • Proactive Communication: Clear, timely communication is essential. From product updates to handling queries, your partner should be on top of it. 
      • Tech-Savviness: In today's digital age, a partner that uses AI, machine learning, and data analytics can deliver a top-notch, personalized customer experience. 
      • Scalability: Retail demand can swing wildly, especially during the holidays. Your partner should be able to scale up or down as needed. 
      • Data Security: As data breaches become more common, ensure your partner has strong data protection measures. 
      • Continuous Improvement: A good partner values continuous improvement and seeks to serve customers better. 
      • Frontline Empowerment: A great partner values their people and recognizes that agents become happy and passionate when they are empowered and enabled. It leads to delivering excellence to your Retail and e-commerce customers in a more genuine way.
      Moreover, fostering respect for diversity and inclusivity creates an agent pool that more accurately reflects your customers, further enhancing the quality of service provided. 

      Are you evaluating your current partner or considering outsourcing for the first time? 

      Consider IGT Solutions.

      We provide exceptional Retail and e-commerce experiences with our next-gen CX services powered by cutting-edge technology. With our CeX 3.A framework, we use Smart Agents, Smart Automation, and Smart Analytics to deliver innovative customer experiences that will leave your customers delighted and reduce costs.  Let IGT evaluate your post-holiday results and vendor performance, and we'll provide customized solutions to take your customer experience to the next level. 

      Don't just settle. Elevate your customer experience with IGT. Contact us today for a consultation, and let's make the extraordinary happen!  

      Kevin Shaughnessy
      Vice President, Americas
      IGT Solutions

      With over two decades of experience, Kevin is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Success, driving excellence in customer relationships and revenue generation. He is instrumental in enhancing businesses' operational efficiency and technology adoption, spanning diverse sectors, from Fortune 500 giants to startups and mid-market enterprises.