Press Release

IGT Solutions unleashes TechBud.AI, an enterprise-wide Generative AI platform for superior customer experience

Unleash rapid innovation to drive sustained and profitable business outcomes

Seattle, US, June 22, 2023

IGT Solutions launched its innovative and advanced enterprise-wide Generative AI platform – TechBud.AI. The cutting-edge generative AI platform promotes rapid innovation and helps businesses achieve faster results and elevated customer experience with a seamless enterprise-wide Generative AI adoption. Enabled by large language model, it is a secure platform that addresses real-world business challenges. TechBud.AI is a reliable and safe tech-expert AI buddy to address queries, support tasks, and make life easier for its users.

In partnership with OpenAI GPTv4 by Microsoft, the platform harnesses the power of Generative AI in a flexible, responsible, secure, and scalable manner and caters to the needs of multiple industries. TechBud.AI is well-positioned to meet compliance (like achieving GDPR compliance in two weeks), privacy (like secure cloud instance for data privacy), and innovation needs.

Vipul Doshi, CEO of IGT Solutions, said, “While businesses are still struggling to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, we are excited that our platform helps our clients adopt the revolutionary AI techniques seamlessly. Drawn from the deep expertise of our AI team, TechBud.AI ensures immediate and sustained profitability for our clients”.

The comprehensive platform enhances efficiencies across organizational functions.

“We have established industry-focused innovation hubs to drive innovation. We are supporting our clients to achieve tangible benefits and build advanced capabilities. For example, we support the travel industry with use cases for itinerary planning, tracking and claiming baggage, rescheduling travel, and personalizing trips as per traveler preferences”, said Akhil Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer of IGT Solutions.

It has advanced features like:

  • Integration with external systems like GDS and payment gateways
  • Text translation in multiple languages, conversation history support, and speech-to-voice and text-to-speech translation
  • Integration with Cognitive AI (like OCR) and Langchain frameworks for complementing the capability of GPT for a more comprehensive business use case
  • Crawling the web for the latest and recent updates
  • Ability to leverage in-house developed advanced solutions (powered by GPT v4) like FNI for refund calculation, iVA for video analytics, iQD for queue distribution, and iTAG for data annotation
  • A working demo of TechBud.AI is available with relevant use cases for the first 30 days as a free trial.

About IGT Solutions

Established in 1998, IGT Solutions provides AI-led BPM, Technology, and Digital Services & Solutions for clients across industries. Invested in helping clients grow and leverage next-gen technologies, the company offers end-to-end services and solutions for an AI-enabled core for its clients. With over 30 global delivery centers across 11 geographies, IGT Solutions supports digital transformation journeys and helps global enterprises to deliver incredible customer experiences.