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IGT Solutions to Elevate Gameplay with Dynamic BPM Player Support

India, June 7th, 2021

In a world of ever-changing customer preferences and exposure to multiple options, the need for instant gratification is imperative. With brands vying to grab the customers’ attention, it is crucial to stand out to make an impact and forge a long-standing customer relationship and retention. As a world leader providing business process management (BPM) and extensive customer experience services for more than two decades, IGT has a pulse on customers’ needs.

An industry highly dependent on giving customers the best in class virtual experiences, IGT understands the need for superior and quick player support. It has a suite of offerings in BPM and digital solutions to help gaming companies enhance their player support services. Gaming companies looking to collaborate with IGT get access to complete player support, player account management, gameplay, tech support, store support, social media management, chatbots, automation, analytics, and much more! IGT’s unique solutions can be integrated with current agent processes and apply smart analytics and automation principles to deliver smart agents. With increased digital support in the contact center, companies can rest assured of better problem handling and resolution.

“IGT has been at the forefront to take customer experience to the next level. By leveraging the power of digital, IGT has created an ecosystem of processes that help companies gain favour and retain their valued customers,” says Vipul Doshi, CEO, IGT Solutions.

In keeping with the times, IGT has designed its processes for complete remote access ensuring total data security aligned with business compliances. With the commitment to build customer loyalty, IGT works closely with companies to understand their pain points and transform processes for superior and elevated customer experience.

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About IGT Solutions

IGT Solutions (IGT) is committed to simplifying complex customer interactions while delivering a seamless experience. It provides integrated BPM, Technology and Digital Services & Solutions for clients across industries. IGT’s global footprint consists of 22 delivery centers in the USA, Colombia, Romania, Spain, UAE, India, Philippines, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. With 20+ years of expertise, IGT has been enabling better experience for 80+ marquee customers globally.