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IGT Solutions Announces Partnership with IRIS Clarity to Enhance Customer Support Efficiency

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Advanced AI model to isolate primary voices and cancel all unwanted background sounds in real-time

 IGT Solutions (IGT), a leading customer experience (CX) company that delivers transformative digital experiences has partnered with IRIS Clarity, a cutting-edge AI solution provider. The collaboration aims to revolutionize customer support by addressing the challenges posed by external sounds beyond the conversation on phones and video calls.

IGT Solutions consistently sets the standard for end-to-end CX journeys across industries, leveraging a unique blend of digital and human intelligence. Recognizing the pervasive avoidable background sounds issue in customer support interactions, IGT Solutions is integrating IRIS Clarity's advanced AI noise cancellation into its operations to enable clear and lucid conversations. The integration aims to resolve any repetitions and prolonged resolution times caused by background noise.

After rigorous training on call audio for millions of hours, IRIS Clarity's machine-learning model enables seamless isolation of primary voices and effectively removes unwanted voices in real-time.

Partha K, Executive VP & Country Head, Philippines at IGT Solutions, said, "By partnering with IRIS Clarity, we are taking a significant step forward in addressing a critical pain point in customer support in voice-based environments – background sounds or noise. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall customer experience by enabling frontline staff to maintain absolute focus on customer interactions."

"We are excited to partner with IGT Solutions and help their clients leverage our latest advancements in AI technology. It enables IGT Solutions to fulfill its commitment of staying at the forefront of innovation to meet the evolving needs of its clients," added Jacobi Anstruther, CEO of IRIS Clarity.

The partnership between IGT Solutions and IRIS Clarity redefines the customer support landscape, setting a new standard for clarity, efficiency, and innovation.

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IGT Solutions is a next-gen customer experience (CX) company that defines and delivers transformative experiences for global brands. It does this by using innovative digital technologies and by combining digital and human intelligence. IGT Solutions is the preferred partner for managing end-to-end CX journeys across industries. Established in 1998, IGT has more than 90 global marquee customers and 25,000+ CX experts servicing client processes from 31 global delivery centers across 13 countries. IGT's global footprint consists of delivery centers in China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, UAE, the US, and Vietnam. For more, visit

 About IRIS Clarity

IRIS Clarity is an audio technology company with a mission to enable the world to Listen Well. Our suite of patented products leverages decades of research into the effects of sound on the brain, prioritising focus, productivity, and wellness for all. By harnessing the science of sound, IRIS Clarity dramatically improves how people experience audio across all digital platforms, from video meetings to streaming, podcasts to audiobooks, and multiple sectors including call centres, public services, and motor racing. For more info, visit