Press Release

IGT & SMOOSS partnered to provide end-to-end COVID Travel Document Digitization & Automation Services

-Gurgaon, Paris, September 7th, 2021

Travel industry rebound is bringing a lot of opportunities and challenges specially for airlines, and is focusing to recoup by adopting digitalization at every touchpoint. Keeping abreast with the new travel guidelines across the globe has become a concern for airlines. Requesting, collecting, and validating new health documents required by authorities is going to be one of their key priorities in the months – if not years – to come.

IGT Solutions (IGT) has partnered with SMOOSS to support airlines in this challenge. IGT is committed to simplify complex customer interactions while delivering a seamless experience. It specializes in integrated BPM, Technology, and Digital Services & Solutions for clients across industry verticals. SMOOSS on the other hand provides travel players with the technology to deliver personalized services to their customers, enhancing their experience while generating extra margin. Both companies have joined forces to deliver enhanced digital experience and respond better to the customers’ evolving requirements.

With IGT & SMOOSS partnership, airlines will benefit from an end-to-end Pre Travel COVID documents check solution, enabling them to anticipate and digitize off-airport verification of such documents required from passengers, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Thanks to SMOOSS platform which is directly connected to the airlines Passenger Service System (PSS);

  • airlines can define the required documents according to the origin/destination and the travel period
  • passengers will receive an email from the airline a few days before departure, informing them of the documents required and suggesting to upload them so that they can be pre-checked
  • documents are checked and validated, either automatically or by back-office agents
  • the passenger receives a confirmation, which is updated in the reservation and cascaded in all airline’s systems. She or he will be recognized at each step of the passenger journey.

 The outcome: smoother airport operations and less stress for passengers and airports’ teams.

These additional checks come on top of already busy airlines customer support’s team. The partnership between IGT and SMOOSS will add great value to the industry, with IGT’s expertise in managing the back-office workload of verifying and validating the health documents required for travel. Together the partnership will provide airlines with a host of end-to-end solutions for Covid Travel document verification and Irregular operations. The offering will ensure smooth airport operations resulting in peace of mind for both airlines and travellers.

IGT has 75+ global customer base, it supports 25+ languages with 14,000+ CeX and technology experts that cater to its vast set of customers across 20 delivery centres globally. IGT seeks to pinpoint grey areas across the travel and hospitality value chain and creates a balance by providing organizations with cutting-edge technology.

“We are committed to enabling digital experience”