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IGT launches ARC – Exclusive Airline Reservation Chatbot combining AI with travel expertise for end-to-end flight booking

Aug 28, 2017

Intel-driven AI platform to reinvent customer service personalization and add additional revenue channels

GURGAON, INDIA Aug 28, 2017: InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) a leading provider of IT & BPO services for the global travel industry, has launched the first of its artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven Reservation chatbot named ARC (Airline Reservation Chatbot). The chatbot is designed to deliver end-to-end flight booking and customer service via chat platform.   ARC – the AI-powered chatbot understands and enables natural language (NLP) conversations with travelers, providing complete reservation-related services and real-time information, opening the scope for an additional revenue channel.

ARC is aimed at Airlines looking to generate revenue and reduce costs via social, serve travelers better by fulfilling their flight booking and support requests.  And in an innovative first, IGT augments the “chatbot” with their Travel expert’s knowledge of handing 12 million+ reservations annually, making ARC one of intel-driven Chatbot for the Airlines.

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Built to enhance seamless experience and “on- demand” service for digital travelers, the proprietary chatbot will assist with all aspects of booking. Key features include:

  • Flight Search
  • Flight booking and Managing Flights
  • Group bookings
  • Flight Schedule & Status Updates
  • Baggage policy

“The digital impact on travel has transformed every place, device, interaction and experience into a critical touch point. For Travel companies to remain competitive they need pivotal initiatives to accelerate service and cost savings with new channel capabilities. The launch of our chatbot is reflective of the digital transition and push towards big data and AI in the Travel industry.  IGT is at the forefront of these changes and we’re meeting these advances headfirst.” said Mr. Vipul Doshi, CEO, InterGlobe Technologies.

He continued, “ARC’s capabilities come from a point of delivering exceptional service for clients who prefer to have a solution with IGT’s 17+years of domain expertise.  It’ll become an essential cornerstone to drive revenue and better customer service.”

With the launch of ARC, IGT sets the course for incorporation and integration of robotics and automation technologies for innovative backend and customer-facing solutions for the Travel industry.  Future updates for the chatbot include integration with end-to-end baggage and IROPS process. With over 17-years of travel expertise, IGT currently engages in projects for some of the largest travel brands in the world.

About InterGlobe Technologies
InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) is a global travel domain expert, providing travel technology and BPO services, that helps maximize business performance of its customers. IGT is committed to delivering innovation and business excellence across the entire spectrum of the travel‚ and hospitality domains. The company offers integrated Application Development and Maintenance‚ Contact Center, Back Office Services and Solution Frameworks to the travel industry worldwide.

IGT is part of InterGlobe Enterprises Limited with interests in aviation, technology & hospitality. With its footprint, spanning across the globe from 12 state-of-the-art delivery centers‚ IGT employs over 8000 travel experts worldwide.

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