Press Release

Vipul Doshi speaks at the Global Services BPO Summit 2012

September 20, 2012 , Global Services Media

Exploiting the opportunities in disruptive innovation, leveraging India’s ability to scale, exploiting the potential of platform-based BPO, and developing leadership talent- these were the clear pointers that emerged out of the discussions at Global Services BPO Summit 2012

Global Services, a Cyber Media publication, hosted the 11th annual BPO Summit this week at Gurgaon. The Indian BPO industry is transforming itself in the face of new challenges and customer expectations. The agenda was to get the Indian BPO industry together to discuss and deliberate on the strategy and direction for the industry.

Raman Roy, Founder & CMD, Quatrro Global Services, in his keynote spoke about disruptive innovation in BPO. When the father of the Indian BPO industry talked, everyone listened. Roy pointed out that the BPO industry is moving to a new phase that he called ‘BPO 4.0′. “It is a phase of disruptive innovation and everything depends on how the BPO industry makes use of the opportunity”, Roy said.

Vipul Doshi, CEO, Interglobe Technologies, spoke about opportunities at the intersection of technology and business processes or platform-based BPO as it is called.

Attendees from the BPO industry were curious about opportunities and threats to Indian BPO from other geographies. For example, the lead that Philippines has in voice-based processes was a case in point. Doshi admitted that the Philippines had got unmatched strengths in voice and accent over India. He said, “They may be good at showing more empathy to their customers, but there are areas where India has a clear advantage. Decision-based intellectual processes is one such area.”