IGT – Providing Assistance from the Get-GO of Enterprises’ RPA Journey

July, 2019

RPA has been in existence for a quite long period of time. It is now growing by leaps and bounds as enterprises are looking for more innovative ways to automate their business processes with accurate decision making. Robotic Process Automation, an essential fusion of automation and cognitive technologies has the power to streamline repetitive, rules-based business processes, enabling systems to make human-like intelligent decisions. For this reason RPA has become a game changing technology disrupting the conventional business landscape. Experts believe that Robots in combination with latest technologies like AI and ML have the huge potential to complement the human actions and can also serve as an alternative for human resources. However, efficient collaboration and integration of RPA with the legacy systems determines the scope of RPA and its ability to drive revenues for the businesses. So, selection of the right vendor who can understand the unique business requirements and cater to the needs plays an important role in the successful implementation of RPA solutions.

Enabling organizations to choose the right vendor to work with, CIOReview- India proffers a list of “Top 20 RPA Solution Providers”. This compact list consists of skilled vendors with an industry rich experience, technically adept teams and a proven track record. A panel consisting of prominent CEOs, CIOs, industry analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial team has meticulously researched and zeroed in on the final 20 companies who we firmly believe can assist businesses achieve the set business goals while simultaneously offering better customer satisfaction.

IGT – Providing Assistance from the Get-GO of Enterprises’ RPA Journey       

Whenever a business undergoes a new process, there must be a proper plan, and at the same time a clear idea of the outcomes. Companies, especially the ones who are in the early phases of their RPA journey require partners who can hand-hold them in the initial period and help them leverage this technology for early quick wins and then scale this across the enterprise. Seldom do customers have an understanding of a good starting point for their RPA journey or the knowledge of areas that they wish to automate. This is where IGT Solutions’ decades of experience comes into play. They provide assistance to the enterprise from the get-go of their RPA journey and help them establish a center of excellence, which acts as the pillar for implementing automation across the enterprise. They work closely with the business not only to provide a service but to make a business impact. IGT offers outcome-based Transformational models, and a lot of their pricing is based on business outcomes.

Travel Automation experts

What sets IGT Solutions apart from other players in this segment is the fact that it brings in decades of travel industry expertise and several years of experience in Digital Transformation. “100 percent of our people work on travel projects and processes. By virtue of that, we feel that we are uniquely positioned in the industry because our people are veterans of this domain and battle-hardened Digital professionals. Our Digital practice overlaps both our IT and BPM verticals. Therefore, we have both the technical as well as functional understanding to undertake complex engagements with our customers,” says Vipul Doshi, CEO.

A Reliable RPA Framework

IGT’s proprietary RPA frameworks are a blend of industries’ best practices and their learning from multiple “consulting to commissioning” programs that are being executed for the enterprises. These frameworks provide IGT a repeatable formula to quickly assess and deploy RPA programs from start to finish. Their assessment and consulting framework determines the course of action and the type of engagement required for the customers. Once the course is decided, they employ iTRIP methodology to perform process cataloguing, deep dive click level process assessment & mapping, ROI calculations and subsequent RPA deployment following agile principles. Moreover, enterprises are provided with “dWizard” (Automation Wizard) RPA framework, which is a collection of functional and technical accelerators built on top of RPA platforms that help a planned and a faster RPA deployment.

Initial Bot Testing for Quality Assurance

IGT starts planning Bot testing during the initial process assessment phase and develops QA Bot simulating manual validation steps. As Bots are used for QA, this brings efficiency, improves productivity where Bot can work 24×7 and save significant cost. “We recently executed an RPA project for a hotel to complete around 375K transactions in two weeks timeframe. To validate these transactions manually, it was impossible to meet overall timelines; so IGT also developed a QA bot to successfully validate process outcome. This QA bot was simulating manual QA process,” shares Vipul.

IGT is working on outcome-based transformational models where customers need not worry about who (Bot or Human) is performing the task. IGT Solutions have both the technical and human components to develop and scale this hybrid workforce and lead the deployment across enterprises.

“We are working with several large Airlines, Hotels and Cruise lines to transform business processes in flights operations, contract loading, rate loading, procurement and customer service lines of business. Cumulatively, we have been able to save our customers 300+ FTEs with savings of well over a million dollar in operational costs alone,” concludes Vipul.