HFS Research Recognizes IGT Solutions As Market Leader In Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics Service Providers, 2023
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IGT is differentiated in the travel, hospitality and logistics industries due to its extensive domain expertise, including strong proprietary solutions such as TechBud.AI, FNI.AI, iQD and iConverse. IGT landed in Horizon 3 of our inaugural Travel, Hospitality and Logistics Horizon due to its focus on client outcomes and comprehensive approach to developing industry specific talent, including IATA certified in-house training,” said Melissa O’Brien, Executive Research Leader, HFS Research

With over two decades of experience in developing proprietary solutions for complex business challenges in the travel industry- IGT Solutions helps its clients by maximizing the combined value of AI led digital solutions and human expertise to deliver superior customer experience.


Top Reasons

Why IGT Solutions has been recognized as Horizon 3 market leader by HFS Research:

Ability to drive a OneEcosystem synergy via collaboration to create completely new sources of value

Strategy and execution capabilities at scale

Well-rounded capabilities across all value creation levers: talent, domain, technology, data, and change

Driving co-creation with clients as ecosystem partners

Referenceable and satisfied clients driving new business models with partnerships

Horizon 2 +

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