60% cost savings through sales administration support for a leading international automotive research website

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The client faced business-critical bottlenecks in sales administration support. IGT Solutions helped them to transform their sales operations and gain efficiency by deploying a team of sales process experts at their location.

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250K plus sales interactions of chat and email support resolved with 99.9% accuracy and 100% KPI/SLA adherence in three months.

About the Client

The client is a publicly listed US entity and a pioneer as well as a market leader in facilitating automotive research before purchase. It runs an interactive business website that assists customers in finding and comparing the listings of new and used vehicles by local dealers and allows contact for purchase. The website uses dynamic algorithms at the backend to provide analysis and comparison of price, features, and to check availability in real-time. They cater to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom markets.

The web portal is the prime source of revenue for the client, providing reliable guidance to prospective local customers interested in buying new and used vehicles. In the absence of an efficient back-office sales support methodology, the client faced business-critical bottlenecks which included the suboptimal tracking of customer behavior and sales cycles, large data processing backlogs, inaccurate sales commission calculations, and poor visibility into operational efficiency and overheads.

Business Need

There was a large backlog of data to be processed resulting in a large number of pending cases across the different LOBs (Line of Business). The client wanted to deal with the backlogs effectively with seamless sales operations without adding to the current operational expenses.

Being a niche leader in its domain, a robust adherence to relevant SLAs (Service Level Agreement) with appropriate monitoring and reporting was needed to drive high quality decisions for all stakeholders. This would include stringent quality audits with regards to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data in daily business operations across all LOBs with accurate booking of compensation splits.

Being a highly competitive market, time was of essence and an effective solution was needed quickly with the best quality and SLA adherence.

The client’s leadership realized the need to invest in improving its back-office support sales support with right shoring if it was to stay relevant and profitable in the market.

An immediate need was felt to deploy competent back-office experts with a deep competence in state-of-the-art sales support processes and tools.


The client selected IGT Solutions as their preferred partner after due diligence.

The IGT Sales Support Processes Delivered:

Infrastructure: IGT examined the client’s unique problem statement and suggested its offshore delivery facility to own the project. After client approval, they deployed a team of sales process experts at its offshoring location in Gurgaon, India for the project. The appropriate technology stack was identified for the project based on client need.

Sales Support Desk: The IGT Sales Support Desk processed the sales support requests, including new user requests, logging of calls, PAT issues, quote building while following client hierarchy protocol.

Cancellation requests: The cancellation requests received from the dealer were resolved in total compliance with the client’s established cancellation policy.

Order Management with Salesforce: The IGT team validated all the sales/cancellations orders and configured them in the company’s Salesforce account with all relevant modalities and advice for client’s sales staff to process it further.

Client partner documentation work: Cooperation documents were collected and sorted for dealers to provide to their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for advertising reimbursement. This involved capturing screenshots, documentation, and accurate archiving of advertising collateral for processing their claims.

Pending client partner support requests: The IGT team worked on the client’s support queue by searching for support requests in the relevant dealership accounts and marking them to the appropriate onsite support team to expedite resolution.

Listing management: Based on client sales team requests to activate or deactivate a listing on the portal, expeditious action was taken.

Quality and Reporting:

Checking and Compliance: IGT conducted regular opportunities audits into the client’s CRM system to ensure that the compensation splits were booked accurately and maintained appropriate critical audits in its daily business operations. They also reviewed new account creations with verification procedures to ensure that they were valid dealerships.

Commission Reporting: The IGT team accurately processed appropriate commission-related workloads, including partially building the monthly commission sheets and sending the Clawback Report and the Payroll Files to sales representatives to complete the process.

Research and Insights: IGT conducted detailed market analysis through secondary research and delivered insight reports to the client’s sales team on qualified leads with recommendations for further dealer acquisitions.

Enhanced capabilities

The client had access to a team of competent IGT sales administration experts capable of taking over new tasks with minimal training time and capacity-building constraints.


  • Cleared 100% backlogs across various LOBs within three months.
  • 60% reduction in operational expenses in the process.
  • 250K plus sales interactions of chat and email support resolved with 99.9% accuracy and 100% KPI/SLA adherence in three months.
  • Enhanced service offering capability and improved sales process efficiency.
  • Created additional bandwidth for existing resources.

Tools and Technologies used

Salesforce, Snagit, Okta, Jira, Looker, Office365, Zoom, Slack, Dropbox.