Enabling Seamless Round the World Booking (RTW) Tool for One of the Paramount Airline Alliance

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The client wanted a robust online channel to help its customers plan their multi-city/country travel. IGT worked on consolidating schedules, loyalty and many more complexities to enable seamless round the world booking

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Business Need

  • Due to lack of online presence for round the world (RTW) tool, the client had been losing on their revenues
  • Client therefore, wanted to promote RTW awareness and develop an online channel to allow customers to build their itineraries in an easy and efficient manner that will boost their online sale


With the launch of this tool, the client not only gained an increased online presence but was also able to generate leads and engage customers to plan and purchase RTW tickets.
In addition to increased sales, the tool has provided an enhanced market competitive edge to the client.

The client is currently composed of fifteen major airlines and offers a large range of comprehensive customer benefits and services to international travellers. With a network of routes spanning multiple continents, the alliance network offers connections from the best hubs in the world.

The client wanted to develop an online tool to provide a cohesive experience to travelers for their multi-city/ country travel.


  • Consolidating schedules of 15 carriers: RTW Planner system required consolidating flight schedules from 15 air carriers with no involvement of GDS
  • Automated Processing of complex RTW rules: Consolidating the schedules and building the interface around it by simultaneously processing the complex RTW rules is the key challenge the team has faced so far
  • Providing online automated route creation support to customers: In order to make the itinerary planning process easier, the tool required to provide support to automatically create round the world route in compliance with all the rules
  • Building an interactive and appealing GUI: One of the key requirements was to build an interactive and appealing GUI that can attract customers and engage them to purchase a ticket. The GUI required an interactive Map view to keep the customers interested and at the same time provide an easy to use application as compared to the other airline alliances

Solution Scope
The various functional areas this solution covers are:

  • Interfaces for an agent and corporate users
  • RTW rules implementation and update
  • Mileage calculation, Itinerary fare estimate calculation, and display
  • RTW itinerary planner administration platform
  • Mobile website support
  • Interactive destinations map view
  • Multi-lingual display
  • Real-time and Dynamic Rates and Availability

Solution Highlights

  • Complete requirements gathering, design, development, and implementation of the RTW Planner tool.
  • RTW rules implementation
  • Administration module to maintain certain rules, master data and provide customized reports
  • Flight Schedules display
  • Mileage calculation and display
  • Automatic RTW route generation and display
  • Distinguished interfaces for agent and leisure users
  • Itinerary storage
  • Online demo
  • Implementation in 12 languages
  • Integration with social media, destination guides information
  • Ability to request a quotation online
  • Hosting and maintenance support