Faster Time-to-Market for a Leading Tech Provider

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The client was facing issues in releasing new offerings to its customers. They approached IGT Solutions to help them expedite and establish a seamless process which would reduce their cycle time. By leveraging IGT Solutions DevOps Framework, we not only enhanced quality but also brought down the release cycle from monthly to at will.

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The client is a leading technology provider in Air Transport industry. They have multiple products catering to Airport Management, Air Navigation, and Airline Operations.

Business Challenges

  • Manual Build- DeployTest of features for Border Management products led to
    monthly roll outs.
  • Environment setup and provision for Development and Test teams took a week leading to resources being idle, productivity loss, and cost overruns.
  • Cross-vendor resource dependency to adhere to manual process slowed down the overall SDLC.

Solution Provided

  • Integrated automated pipeline leveraging existing tools aligned to IGT Solutions DevOps Model.
  • Automated provisioning of environment resources to spin environments via Orchestrator.
  • Uniform and seamless process for Build – Deploy – Test across all environments.

Value Adds

  • Agility: Up to 90% reduction in cycle time for Build-DeployTest.
  • Efficiency: Reduction in time to market of features from monthly to at will.
  • Productivity: Up to 70% improvement in the productivity of Development and Test resources.