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Frequent changes to fares due to new routes and code sharing agreements led to many fare filing errors for the client, a low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia. IGT delivered a comprehensive fare filing solution that standardized the process completely.

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The client is an International low-cost airline based in Saudi Arabia.

Fare Filing Management Services

Business Need

  • The client required to publish and update accurate fares on various channels to remain competitive
  • Inaccurate fares on various channels was a concern as it was impacting the revenues.
  • Also, there was no provision for Private/ Negotiated fares for corporate customers which was also effecting the revenue growth
  • As IGT had demonstrated capability in the area, the client chose IGT to support and grow their Fare Filing Management Solution.


The client already had a tool to update and publish the fares but was not able to accurately channel the fares on various platforms. Inaccurate fares were reflected on GDS. In addition, there were multiple other rules that needed to be incorporated such as:

  • Addition of new routes and code sharing agreements
  • Frequently changing competitor fares across multiple channels Lack of experience & knowledge in fare and rule interpretation was impacting their revenues as well as reputation.

Solution Offered
IGT delivered a comprehensive fare filing solution to the client by restructuring and standardizing the client’s existing fare filing system. IGT incorporated the following methodology to enrich the process:

Specialized Workforce: To provide fare filing services, IGT brought together a team of trained professionals, experienced in fare and rule interpretation using ATPCO. The team also had expertise on various rule categories defined by ATPCO such as CAT 25/ 31/ 33/ 35.

CompleteRe-engineering: The airline had so far been filing only Public fares under Category 25. Using our vast knowledge & expertise, we helped them set rules & policies for filing Private or Negotiated fares under Category 35 to enable them to offer competitive prices in comparison with the other airline offerings.

Automation: We began with setting in place the process workflow for both new and amendment contracts and a problem resolution matrix for achieving 100% accuracy in minimum time. The workflows were automated to increase the efficiency of the agents working on the systems.
The entire solution was executed in phases to yield optimum results to the client.
Initially, customized instruction templates were created to capture the rules around routings, policies, interlines, baggage, ancillaries etc.

On receiving a contract from the client, the agent codes the fares using the instruction templates as per the intent followed by a self quality check on the rules and fares. A second level quality check on the fares is done by the team lead before all the batches are filed into Government Filing System (GFS). All available fares are then tested and priced in the GDS.

A stringent 2-level quality check is performed using an internal tester and audit from an external system. The feedback is then incorporated into the process. As the final check to avoid any inaccurate filing, fares are first filed in a test PCC (Pseudo City Code) environment and only after quality assurance are made public.

To avoid any delays , a turn around time (TAT) matrix has been established for uploading of special/short term contracts, amendment contracts, tactical/ medium term contracts as well as annual contracts.


  • More than One Million fare filing contracts loaded with over 99% accuracy
  • 20% improvement in turnaround time for all promotional campaigns through customized templates
  • 100% correct fares on GDS for attracting and maintaining customer base
  • Increased revenue through publishing of Private/ Negotiated Fares (Category 35)

Value Adds

  • Complete knowledge of filing fares under various Categories like 25/31/33 and 35
  • In-depth understanding of filing YQ surcharges
  • Expertise in automating the process of re-issuance of tickets